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Andrew Breitbart causing a stir from the grave

Kara Menini

Andrew Breitbart dies at 43

Conservative blogger is remembered by both condolences and insults

Andrew Breitbart, a conservative blogger who is most recently known for revealing U.S. Representative Anothoy Weiner’s Twitter picture that caused a scandal leading to his resignation, collapsed and died during a night walk near his home. 

Andrew Breitbart, according to the Associated Press (AP), had suffered heart problems last year but an autopsy is still scheduled to figure out exactly what happened.  Breitbart left behind a wife, four kids, and a company that was run out of his basement.  The AP reports it is not clear who will take over his company. 

The extreme conservative, who relentlessly used the internet to initiate scandals and expose biases in the media, was either loved or hated.  In a Tweet, Republican candidate for president Newt Gingrich said, “Andrew Breitbart was the most innovated pioneer in conservative activist social media in America.  He had great courage and creativity.”  On the other side, Matt Taibbi of the magazine Rolling Stone wrote, “Good…I couldn’t be happier that he’s dead,” in an article titled, Death of a Douche. 

Taibbi was met by the revenge of angered Andrew Breitbart fans because of his article, and he recently wrote, “Well done, Breitbart fans, well done! In less than 24 hours you’ve hacked into my Wiki page, published my telephone number on Twitter, called the Rolling Stone offices pretending to be outraged “advertisers” (anonymous ones, who hung up before we could figure out which “ads” to pull), and then spent all night calling and texting my phone with various threats and insults, many of them directed at my family. “Better grow eyes in the back of your head,” was one; “I’m going to take a shit on your mother’s grave,” was another; a third called my wife a “piece of shit like you,” and many others called me a “pile of human excrement.”

Andrew Breitbart has caused a good amount of controversy, even from the grave, and it has been reported that sales of his book, “Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!” was the no. 7 in sales on by late yesterday night.

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