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Joran van der Sloot considering plea deal

Joran van der Sloot’s lawyer says there is a 70 percent chance he’ll plead guilty

Joran van der Sloot is reportedly considering a plea deal that could get him out of jail relatively soon.

ABC News reports that van der Sloot is currently on trial in Peru, charged with the murder of Stephany Flores on May 30, 2010. If convicted, van der Sloot could face 30 years behind bars. Van der Sloot’s lawyer has commented that there is a 70 percent chance that he will plead guilty.

If van der Sloot pleads guilty by reason of temporary insanity, he would face three to five years in jail. Because of the amount of time van der Sloot has spent in jail awaiting trial, if given the minimum sentence of three years, he could be set free. The Peruvian court system states that the amount of time a suspect spends in jail awaiting trial counts doubly towards their ultimate sentence.

Van der Sloot, 24, is the prime suspect in the May 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway. If van der Sloot is released from jail, he will likely be sought by the FBI.

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