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Learn the anatomy of vaporizing with DaVinci Vaporizer

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Learn the anatomy of vaporizing with DaVinci Vaporizer

Indulge in the cultural revolution with DaVinci vaporizer

Whether you just started into what is dubbed as the hottest cultural trend of the 20th century, or you are the most advanced vaping connoisseur amongst your trendsetting crew, the real question is what kind of portable vaporizer is right for me? What kind of portable vaporizer is going to deliver a revolutionized vaporizer experience? What kind of portable vaporizer has precision temp control, direct glass path, and superior battery life? Which portable vaporizer is so discreet that it helps you redefine where you can vape?

DAVINCI VAPORIZER  –  Time and time again our vaporizers have performed exactly as they are supposed to  – advanced, superior and portable. They are lightweight, compact and discreet for vape enthusiasts of many facets. Whether on the go, backpacking through Europe or getting hyped up at the tailgate party with your friends, both the DaVinci™ and Ascent promise precision temperature control, state of the art heating methods and increased battery life. It was designed with the true premier taste in mind and you’ll truly love it.

We have the two most popular handheld vaporizers on our line up – DaVinci ™ Classic and the Ascent.

The rugged looking and durable DaVinci™ Classic is ideal for the outdoorsman in you and is a perfect adventure partner! We have put it to the test and battle tested for you from a drop height of 6 feet where the DaVinci ™ took it like a champ! Take your new found adventurer and tackle great heights with a compact design that takes a front row seat in that pack on your back.

Now, when it comes to the Ascent, we bring all of the greatness our DaVinci™ Classic offers mixed into a cocktail only the classiest connoisseurs can appreciate.

We’re kidding, this is the perfect sleek design you’ve been looking for that slips right into your back pocket and have a quick vape session on the way to that history of rock n’ roll class. See it all starts somewhere, and we know that. So we bring you a tool along the way that you can depend on.  Think about all of those great benefits mentioned before and then throw in an all glass pathway and discreet design, presenting the ability to vape virtually anywhere with style!

Also, the Ascent gives you the flexibility of enjoying your favorite dry herb blends and oils comfortably and discreetly. What this offers is a liberating feeling to vape in your favorite restaurant, outdoor settings, and events. It harbors a superior three-hour battery life that will allow you to freely enjoy your vaporizer through multiple sessions before having to recharge.

Oh, and I will tell you a secret… you can personalize your own vaporizer design. Why? Because everyone has a personality and we appreciate diversity. So show a side of you through your vaporizer by using our vaporizer designer.

“You’re Smart, Vape Smart”


If you’re thinking when to buy, the perfect time is now! A lot of people get the Ascent and  DaVinci™ not only because of its state-of-the-art features but because of its affordable price as well. The well-designed portable vaporizer is for any vape enthusiast who appreciates purity but as well the health benefits related to vaporizing loose leaf and oils. You will never regret the day you decided to own a portable vaporizer made by DaVinci™. Come join the cultural revolution and buy your own DaVinci Vaporizer today!. 

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