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Jionni LaValle, the man who got Snooki to settle down

Danielle Adams

Jionni LaValle engaged to pregnant Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Who is this guy, anyway?

Jionni LaValle, unlike his fiancé, does not like being in the spotlight. Rumors of Snooki’s engagement and pregnancy have finally been confirmed, leaving Jersey Shore fans to wonder, what kind of man would marry a woman who is famous only for being drunk and obnoxious?

Here is what we know about Jionni LaValle.

He’s not a fame whore. Snooki told People magazine last year, “He doesn’t give a [expletive] about [celebrities].” She also said he freaked out when he saw a picture of himself and Snookie in a magazine.

He’s studying to be a teacher. Currently, “He’s a wrestling coach for little kids” Snooki told Jay Leno last year.

He gets along with the Polizzi family. He’s gone on vacations with Snooki’s family, including a trip to Disneyworld and a road trip to Pennsylvania last year. During the road trip Snooki tweeted, “AW my dad and boo are bonding :)” with a photo of them side by side in the car.

He’s a Miami Dolphins fan. “He’s obsessed with the Dolphins and Dan Marino,” Snooki told People.

He’s sweet. In October of 2010, he made her pickle pancakes for her birthday “Omg my boyfriend made me a pickle pancake…yeahhhh he’s amazing! If you love pickles like I do, pickles are good with anything. Let me liveee! :)” Snookie tweeted, along with a photo of the questionable breakfast.

He doesn’t care what people think. “For all you jealous, disrespectful haters out there, you see what you wanna see on TV! My fiancee and I, and [junior] are going to be so happy!” Jionni LaValle posted on Twitter.

Will this relationship work out? Can a man who keeps to himself make it work with a woman who craves the spotlight? Only time will tell.

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