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Jermaine Jones to be kicked off of American Idol

Danielle Adams

Jermaine Jones nicknamed the "Gentle Giant" by Ryan Seacrest

Singer lied about criminal record

Jermaine Jones, American Idol’s “gentle giant,” is apparently going to be kicked off the show Wednesday night.

On Tuesday night Jermaine Jones tweeted that he no longer would be on the Fox singing contest. “Awww I will no longer b on the show.” The 25-year-old’s official American Idol Twitter account has since been deleted.

TMZ reports Jones will be kicked off during the Wednesday, March 14 broadcast. He allegedly hid a criminal record from producers who then confronted Jones on camera. In addition to hiding his criminal past, TMZ said Jones lied to cops by giving them fake names after arrests. One of the incidents reportedly involved violence, which was particularly troublesome to producers. Jones reportedly has outstanding warrants.

Fox has not officially commented on the situation.

Idol contestants have been disqualified in he past when the show considered their work or personal history as an issue.

In the second season, Corey Clark was disqualified for concealing his arrest record. Frenchie Davis was also dropped from the show that year because of her previous appearance on an adult website. In 2010 Chris Golightly was let go because he didn’t disclose that he had a previous record contract.

On the other hand, sixth season’s Antonella Barba was allowed to stay on after racy photos that appeared to be Barba leaked online. And Idol allowed David Hernandez to stay on the seventh season after being revealed as having once worked as a nightclub stripper.

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