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Jen Selter: Instagram's most famous butt

Michael O'Neill

Jen Selter's breakthrough

Internet sensation takes the world by storm one photo at a time

Jen Selter, the new Instagram sensation, has taken her career (and her derrière) to new levels after inking a sports management deal with The Legacy Agency.

Selter achieved international fandom with her more than two million Instagram followers, 200,000 Twitter followers and nearly half a million Facebook followers. The story charts back to a single photo posted on her Instagram that showed off her curves and physical attributes.

Selter is represented by the same agency that is home to Reggie Bush, Troy Aikman, Johan Santana and other high profile sports figures. Even though she has no training or certification in physical fitness training she has been paraded about as a fitness guru by her agent Andrew Witlieb, even going so far as to dub her “the next Jillian Michaels.”

The Legacy Agency is pursuing entertainment endorsements for videos, DVD’s, books and even a spot at the Super Bowl.

Jen Selter is still just a 20-year-old New Yorker with not much to back up her newfound stardom. Relying solely on her back end, Selter has found a way to sew together a mass following using social media and a series of seductive photographs.

While everyone continues to drool over Instagram’s finest, Selter has raked in the money and the exposure. Her path forward is likely to include modeling and TV appearance deals, while every personal trainer in the country scratches their head, wondering where they went wrong. 

For pics and news about Jen Selter here’s a link to her official website. Or whatever you fancy.


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