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Japan diet glasses could substitute a healthy salad

Elif Geris

Diet goggles could pose as a weight loss tool

Diet glasses fool people who like to eat

An average sized chocolate chip cookie is just as satisfying as a chocolate chip monster cookie when wearing Japan’s new diet glasses.

When the wearer of the diet glasses holds up an article of food, it appears larger than its real size. Meanwhile, the wearer’s hands remain their normal size. Another talent the diet glasses have is the ability to make plain food look appealing. A plain cookie can look like a chocolate cookie in the wearer’s eyes.

The target demographic of the diet glasses are people who are easily swayed, and essentially eat a lot. Professor Michitaka Hirose wanted to experiment on tricking the human mind.

“How to fool various senses or how to build on them using computers is very important in the study of virtual reality,” said Hirose.

According to Discovery News, the experiment proved its subjects eat 15 percent less than they normally would of a cookie that was virtually enlarged by 50 percent. And, subjects hungered for 10 percent more than usual when the food in front of them appeared only two-thirds its actual size.

The experiment also uses a “meta cookie,” which emits smells of a chocolate cookie when the cookie in the experiment is actually plain. The smells are emitted from scent bottles attached to the diet glasses. Wearers of the diet glasses can tailor the smell and look of what they are eating to that of what they want to eat. 

According to Hirose, 80 percent of diet glasses subjects have been fooled by the diet glasses.  The diet glasses are being considered for the market and as a handy tool for weight loss. 

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