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It's that time of the year: The McRib is back!

Jalesa Hall


Mcdonald’s has announced the comeback of the McRib but with a twist.

The McRib is known for being a cult favorite. Only offered for a limited time, and left up to the individual franchises, it is not always the easiest sandwich to find, but Monday, McDonald’s announced making the McRib available at all U.S. stores until November 14th.

The boneless sandwich topped with pickles and onions was first introduced in 1982, after the company’s president at the time wished to include pork on the menu.

Last year, McDonald’s made the sandwich available at all U.S. locations for around three weeks and the results helped bring more popularity to the sandwich.

When asked why McDonald’s does not keep the McRib on year-round if it is so popularity, McDonald’s marketing director Marta Fearon said, “Bringing it back every so often adds to the excitement.”

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