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Italy uses fashion to address the captain of Costa Concordia

Princella Talley

The Costa Concordia

An Italian T-shirt slogan makes a relevant statement

Pretty much everyone knows (or has at least heard) about the unfortunate fate of the cruise ship that was Costa Concordia. Not surprisingly, the fashion world has also taken notice of this event – and especially Captain Francesco Schettino, who is getting a lot of heat for his actions regarding the crisis.

Italy is not pleased with such a captain and the country is making sure to add insult to the injury that has already been done to the captain’s reputation. So what’s the best way to do this? Make a statement on clothing, of course. T-shirts are spreading quickly that boldly display the phrase, “Vada a bordo, Cazzo!” ( which means “Get back on board for —-’s sake!” in English, as told by ABC News).This slogan was brought about because Coast Guard Captain Gregorio DeFalco yelled it at Schettino as he sat in a lifeboat away from the dangers of his ship.

Such a slogan is displayed in good taste because while the event itself is traumatic, this part of the conversation shows the bravery and loyalty that the captain was expected to have when it came to the passengers aboard his ship.

The slogan also looks pretty nice on a shirt and that’s always a good thing.

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