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Instagram for Android finally available

Brittney Elkins

Instagram for Android is now available, and now Android and iPhone users alike can make collages like the one above, which features 15 different filters.

No more Instagram envy!

Instagram for Android is now available.

Instagram for Android has been long-awaited by those who have longingly watched their iPhone-user counterparts upload artsy phone pictures since 2010.

An exact release date was expected for the Instagram for Android app, but the 430,000 Android users on the waiting list are finally appeased with the new photo app.

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing app originally created for iPhone. It has several features to quickly give your photo an arty, nostalgic look. It’s like changing lenses with the tap of a finger.

Instagram has a social networking component that allows you to see your friends’ recently uploaded pictures, and you can also share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, etc., etc., etc.

Instagram for Android is compatible with smartphones running Android 2.2 and up. Android and iPhone users can once again live in harmony now that there is no more Instagram envy causing a rift between us.

Queue the awkward silence as every head turns toward Blackberry.

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