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Instagram expanding to the Web

Kelly Bradley

Instagram logo

Instagram is set to launch on the Web

Instagram, the ever-so-popular photo sharing app, is expanding to the Web. This app which previously existed only on mobile phones through a user’s Instagram account is now allowing users to have an Instagram profile online. Almost identical to the mobile app, the Web profile will include a profile photo, bio and a selection of the photographs they have shared on Instagram.

Because Instagram is now owned by Facebook, many fear that this adaptation to the Web will create a page much like Facebook. However, the layout of the Web Instagram profile will include very little text and absolutely no ads. Instagram plans on staying separate from Facebook. The Instagam webpage will not link to Facebook and doesn’t ask users to log in using their Facebook accounts.

Of course, there are some small similarities to Facebook. The Instagram page will include a large cover image that’s a collage of their old Instagram pictures. The profile photo is located on the right side, while the pictures will fall down the page.

For the most part, Instagram’s webpage will accurately match up to its popular mobile app. Users can still choose to have their profile be public or private and photos can only be seen by followers that have been approved.

This service will be launched over the next few days.

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