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Hurricane Isaac 2012 threatening Florida

Tropical Storm Isaac is set to hit Florida as Hurricane Isaac 2012 early next week.

Hurricane Isaac 2012 is threatening chaos to Florida’s coast as it leaves the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico a tropical storm and aims for either Tampa or Miami as a category 1 or 2 hurricane. It is still too early to know the tropical storm’s path, but is expected to turn into a hurricane tonight or Friday and make a direct hit to Florida after the weekend. Whether Hurricane Isaac hits Florida or brushes along the coastline, it is sure to cause some trouble.

What might be the first hurricane to strike U.S. land in 2012, Hurricane Isaac 2012 could possibly hit the Tampa area in a similar manner that Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. After possibly menacing Florida, the hurricane is predicted to head over to Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

The tropical storm headed for the Dominican Republic and Haiti early this morning. Expecting to gain strength in the warm Caribbean waters, it will glide by to Cuba and Puerto Rico and on to the States, according to the National Hurricane Center. The tropical storm’s winds hit 45 mph this past Wednesday.

The Republican National Convention is set to take place in Tampa the same day Hurricane Isaac 2012 is predicted to hit, and while meteorologists say to take caution, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn did not seem too worried. The RNC is still set to take place and contingency plans are being made in the case that Hurricane Isaac 2012 does hit. Wind and rain is most likely going to begin over Tampa early next week as the convention kicks off. 

Keeping everyone’s safety in mind, RNC spokesman Jeff Davis is looking forward to the Republican National Convention despite the looming Hurricane Isaac.

“We are confident we will be able to get the business done of our convention which is to nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan,” Davis told ABC News. 

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