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Huggies ad backlash: uproar from fathers

Billy Gardner

Huggies ad backlash leads to apology

Huggies pulled the ad

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that many dads are, “hot under the collar.” They are upset about Huggies recent ad depicts inexperienced fathers as less than efficient caregivers. The makers of the ad thought they were being cheeky by showing fathers helplessness when it comes to caring for their children, but the Huggie ad backlash was significant.

It is reported that there are more than 5 million stay-at-home dads nowadays and millions more that play pivotal roles in their infants life. The Huggie ad backlash came most prominently via comments on the company’s facebook page.

One comment reads, “Your ad campaign disgusts me. My wife and I share the responsibilities of the house. I cook, grocery shop, clean, and we take care of our daughter equally. At times I have been at home with my daughter more than my wife has been, after she had to return to work and I had a lot of time off. It is insulting to all fathers to portray us as a bunch of bumbling idiots,” James Garcia wrote.

The message was supposed to be funny claiming Huggies diapers and wipes can handle anything, even inexperienced fathers. The facebook page reads, “have dad put Huggies to the test.” The message was not received. Huggies pulled the ads and released a comment, “We have heard the feedback from dads … We recognize our intended message did not come through and that we need to do a better job communicating the campaign’s overall message….”

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