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How to dress your figure: Busty

Janelle Vreeland

Guidelines to help busty women look their best

It can be difficult to to find clothes that fit you properly and give you confidence, especially if the trends of the moment look best on someone with a different body type. If you’re one of the women who has trouble dressing her best because of her busty figure, keep the following tips in mind for how to dress your figure.

How to dress your busty figure tip 1: Find tops that fit properly

I know this is probably easier said than done, but it will be well worth the time and effort you put into it. Try not to focus on what size a top is. Instead, focus on the fit. If it is a button-down shirt, make sure that you can easily but button all the buttons without any gapping occurring. If a button is straining too much to stay fastened, or if there is a gap, it will make your over all appearance sloppy and the ill-fit will not be flattering at all. Since there is a good chance, if you’re quite busty, that the shirt will be too large and loose in the waist and stomach area, remember that you can easily get the shirt tailored to fit you correctly.

How to dress your busty figure tip 2: Go for structured jackets

That is, find jackets that are well-made, dart in at the waist and will fasten completely around your bust line. use the same tailoring rule for your jackets as you do for tops. If you’re very busty, you’ll want to go for a jacket with more than one button, ensuring that it will close around your waist cleanly. Jackets with one button will tend to look ill-fitting on a busty figure.

How to dress your busty figure tip 3: Define your waist

You’ll definitely want to create a separation between your bust and your waist, since this will help you achieve that ideal hourglass shape. Shirts, dresses, jackets, etc. with darting or ties that go in at the narrowest part of your body (even if it is above your normal waist) will help give you shape and definition. You can also create definition by adding a well-placed belt to your ensemble.

How to dress your busty figure tip 4: Keep color in mind

If you’re self conscious about your bust, darker colors can help make it look smaller. By the same logic, bright, bold colors will bring attention to it. Keep in mind though, that fit is just as important as color.

How to dress your busty figure tip 5: Create a neckline

The decolletage, or area of your body including your neck, chest and bust is an important area to highlight when you’re busty. A nice wide V-neck will help make your neck longer and bring more attention to your face as well. Beware of plunging necklines that plunge too far, though.

How to dress your busty figure tip 6: Invest in a great bra

Our biggest problem as busty women is finding a bra that will support and lift us correctly. This will often take some time and effort to find the one that is right for you. And chances are, you’re not wearing the correct size bra and you don’t even know it! Don’t be afraid to go for a proper bra fitting to make sure that you get the size that is right for you. And don’t let price tags intimidate you. Well-constructed bras can carry a hefty price tag, but they are well-worth the investment. They will last for years and will help improve your posture and appearance. And once you have the perfect bras, NEVER GO WITHOUT THEM! And don’t invest in clothes that won’t let you wear a bra with them.

How to dress your busty figure tip 7: Balance yourself out

After defining your bust and waist, the last thing to do in creating an hourglass figure is to define your hips. Defining your hips will help balance your upper half, even if your hips aren’t that wide. Wear skirts, pants or jeans that enhance your hips either by fit, cut or detailing. You can also wear longer tops that flare out around the hip to add volume and balance out your bust.

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