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How to apply for scholarships

Get the money you need by applying for scholarships

There are millions of dollars in scholarships available for college students, but how do you get your hands on some of that money. We have some tips on how to apply for scholarships so that you can start getting free money to pay for college. 

The first step in a successful scholarship application is to research the scholarship opportunities available to you. 

“The best way to find a scholarship is look at your school’s scholarship website or scholarship posting sites like scholarship.com or fastweb.com,” said Eric Weems, Loyola University Chicago Director of Financial Aid. 

Once you find a listing of possible scholarships, you need to narrow it down. There are millions of scholarships available but you won’t qualify for all of them.  Don’t waste your time applying for scholarships that you do not meet the criteria for because your application will not be considered. Instead spend quality time finding scholarships that fit you. 

After you have a list of scholarships that you can apply to, you’ll need to prioritize. You need to take into account deadlines, application difficulty and award amount. Work first on the scholarships that have a high priority.

You’ll need to prepare. Applying for scholarships will be a lot easier if you have a couple of documents that are commonly requested already on hand. You should have letters of recommendation from teachers and employers, a small photo, a cover letter, history of community service, school transcripts and an essay at your disposal. This will allow you to apply for scholarships quickly. 

But, each scholarship is different. When applying for each scholarship, make sure to read the requirements and directions carefully. Some applications look for specific essays, or even a video, so it is important to send in the right material for the scholarship. 

Once you send in your scholarship applications, don’t forget to keep checking the scholarship posting site. 

“Scholarships are added all the time, so students from high school all the way up to grad students have a chance to get a scholarship,” said Weems. 

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