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Has Emily in Paris Inspired a New Era of Parisian Fashion?

Dmytro Spilka

Has Emily in Paris Inspired a New Era of Parisian Fashion?

Emily in Paris continues to make statements across the globe. Whether it be for its humorous drama, famous Parisian sights or trend-setting fashion, the Netflix show knows how to get its audience talking.

As we follow the life of Emily Cooper on her adventures in Paris, actress Lily Collins continues to dress to impress. From bold colours and neon hues to quirky accessories, season 3 has not disappointed when it comes to bringing Parisian style into the limelight.

In fact, to celebrate the premiere of the newest installment of American-French drama, Dubai gave the show a warm welcome with an exclusive Emily In Paris runway, filled with show-inspired signature looks by designers like Nadine Kanso and Ilyes Ouali.

According to the shows leading costume designer, Marylin Fitoussi, the newest season’s looks have certainly started conversations amongst Gen Z and Millennial viewers. 

“If 50 per cent of the people loved the show and 50 per cent hated it, that means we provoked some kind of a reaction. What I did was not neutral. You can like it or hate it, but it was a real statement,” said Fitoussi.

The question is, has Emily In Paris bought french fashion back into the mainstream? Let’s have a closer look into the defining style statements of season 3 and reveal what this could mean for the fashion scene in 2023. 

An Era of Expression

This season of Emily In Paris was all about expression. Rather than dressing to impress, we saw the characters dressing to express their emotions throughout the episodes. 

A prime example of this comes from Emily herself in the first episode of the latest instalment. During her nightmare on the top of the Eiffel Tower, we see Emily say goodbye to her hot pink feather frock and hello to a more sophisticated silhouette as she moves from her old agency to Sylivie’s new Agence Grateau.

Her dramatic fall in pink represents the “death of old Emily and her style”, says season 3 costume designer Fitoussi. “It’s saying goodbye to pink, a way of saying ‘let’s go with another colour now.”

In fact, the whole season sees a shift in style expression. From Sylvie’s Dior numbers to Alfie’s signature sunglasses that you can order online from – they have a big selection to choose from. As the characters develop, their styles continually evolve to represent their current positions on the show. 

Using fashion as a form of character expression is something the show does well, especially when it comes to inspiring viewers to do the same, according to Nadine Kanso, founder of Bil Arabi, a Dubai jewellery brand.

“Lily Collins’ character, Emily, breaks away from the conventions. Confidence is vital, and more so when it comes to fashion as you are showing your character, especially if it is bold and unapologetic,” she comments. “When it comes to Emily, her style has a great variety on the show, so one can choose what resonates for them.”

Is Parisian Style Back in Fashion?

Emily’s signature looks have also soared on social media. The question is, have they brought french fashion back into the mainstream?

Social media has been responsible for bringing Parisian style back onto the runway in the last decade. From Brenton stripes to the newest French it-girls, Caroline de Maigret and Ines de la Fressange, Parisian pieces are most definitely in.

Emily In Paris has only sped up the adoption of french fashion amongst Gen Z. On TikTok alone, #frenchgirlstyle has surpassed over 47 million views since the release of season one. 

“Emily in Paris is colourful, bold and a lot of fun. The looks are not only on top of the trends but also extremely wearable, especially if you like to go all out,” says Farhana Bodi, star of Netflix’s Dubai Bling. “It has made a lot of impact on the younger girls, particularly Gen Z. They love experimenting with bold colours, mixing prints and statement accessories.”

Inspiring a Future of Upcycling & Accessible Fashion

One thing Emily In Paris did trial in season 3 was an introduction to retro fashion. As Gen Z and millennial viewers move towards a more environmental future of fashion, the hit show continues to inspire a future of upcycling, according to costume designer Marylin Fitoussi.

“For the past seven years, I’ve been pushing upcycling and recycling. We only buy new if something is needed the next day and can’t be delivered in time,” Fitoussi states. “For Season 2, I decided my challenge would be to combine a couture piece, Dior or Balmain, with a young designer, with a vintage piece, with something you would find at a store like H&M or Zara.”

With this style guide in mind, Emily In Paris promotes fashion that is accessible to its viewers, which could be why it’s become so popular. Using their platform to prove that high fashion doesn’t need to cost the earth is a great way to get an audience to recreate the show’s signature looks.

The question is, what signature styles could we see make an appearance in season 4? We’ve had Emily’s Hepburn-inspired bangs and Sylvie’s classic elegance, but could the next season be time to open up conversations about the male fashions scene?

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