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Google Glass gets in your face with smart-eyewear

Reka Forgach

Google Glass gives you that perfect windswept hair #ifihadglass

Let your eyes do the talking with Google’s latest tech gadget

Google glass has been tantalizing technology geeks for almost a year now, with hints and dribbles of the search engine czar’s latest toy.  As of today, Google glass has quenched a good amount of curiosity by finally providing film footage and photos of what it’s like to use Glass—but it’s also got everyone absolutely itching for the drop date.

For those unfamiliar with the latest in high-tech gadgetry, Google glass is basically a pair of frames that holds a small voice-activated and gadget pumped screen (viewable via a mirrored glass block) in front of your eyes.  The main advertised functions of Google glass include a strong variety of your classic smartphone capabilities—once engaged with the simple phrase “OK, Glass,” users can take pictures at given intervals (like, every 5 seconds, if that’s what you’re into), look up Google answers (fully replacing any remaining need for short-term memory), set and review reminders, and share news and internet tidbits via messaging or Google+ Hangout.

The official Google Glass website provides droolers with a video from the user’s perspective—pilots, artists, parents and hang gliders all manage to simultaenously keep the glasses on their face and record their adorable or daring moments to share immediately with friends and family.  Google Glass is cutting edge in technology, and totally capitalizes on the internet information sharing compulsion that pretty much rules current gadget and app popularity. 

Intrigued?  Google glass has set up its own Twitter competition to encourage the world to help advertise their project.  Think you’ve got a cool new Google Glass function that no one has thought of?  Chances are you don’t.  But just in case you do, Google glass has invited you to share on Google+ and Twitter your thoughts in 50 words or less before Feb. 27.  Include the #ifihadglass hashtag (this writer is unsure if that phrase is redundant) and Google just might pick you!  

Pick you for what? Is your next question.  In its magnanimity, Google Glass has issued a call for “bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass.”  Provided you are all of these things, you will be offered the chance to pre-order the beta version of the Glasses for a meager $1,500.  Congrats! Hopefully you are either in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York to pick up your testing product as well, for such goods don’t fly.  Literally.  Let the race begin!

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