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Google celebrates Douglas Adams’ birthday with an honorary Google doodle

Reka Forgach

You can listen to Douglas Adams audio on

The brilliant comedian and sci-fi writer would have turned 61 today

Douglas Adams would have turned 61 today, an occasion the super search tool has honored in the only way it seems to know how, the boring yet sweet, personalized Google doodle.  The gift to Douglas Adams is fitting, as he is the mind behind the Googleplex Star Thinker.  That’s right, Douglas Adams appropriated that magic word first, and coined the Googleplex Star Thinker, a super-computer from the Seventh Galaxy of Light and Ingenuity that has the ability to calculate the trajectory of every single dust particle during a five-week Dangrabad Beta sand blizzard.

The Douglas Adams Google doodle is interactive, with many snippets from the Hitchhikers series that will certainly delight fans.  Tapping the elevator doors will reveal Douglas Adams’ famous paranoid android, Marvin.  The calculator/iPad looking thing plays scenes from the book any reader will immediately recognize, and the controls on the right take you to an automatic search of Douglas Adams on Google.

Little beknownst to many Douglas Adams readers who fell on the wagon post-movie, the Hitchhikers five-piece trilogy started off as a BBC comedy radio show, and was afterwards adapted to best-selling book form.  The move was not natural by the reluctant author, but much celebrated by his fans worldwide.  One famous Douglas Adams quote reads, “I love deadlines.  I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by.”

Douglas Adams a huge number of best sellers, including “Restaurant at the End of the Universe,” “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish” and “Life, the Universe and Everything.”

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