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Food Delivery: Where you want it, when you want it

Editorial Staff

For students, getting a bite to eat off campus can be difficult. Between juggling full course loads or, let’s face it, just being lazy, having good food delivered to your doorstep – or even the library – is the way to go and food delivery website and mobile app Foodler has got your back. Foodler does all the hard work for you, weeding through the dearth of generic fast food joints and automatically populating affordable restaurant options based on different cuisine types and any available discounts. Foodler is a welcome escape from restrictive college meal plans, and also a helpful resource if you’re a new-to-town student looking to explore the local restaurant scene.

The Foodler iPhone and Android apps offer frequent updates and innovative features.  For starters, you can order delivery from the Foodler app from any location, at any time, and geo-targeted restaurant options allow you to order the best a neighborhood has to offer with just a few swipes. Foodler also offers unique features that set them apart from competitors like Seamless, Grubhub and Yelp. Just recently, Foodler unveiled an industry-first restaurant rating system that solves the fundamental flaw of online review sites like Yelp. Rather than having people write lengthy reviews on an entire restaurant’s menu based on a limited amount of visits, Foodler lets you rank specific dishes that you have recently ordered through a one-click five-star system (similar to Netflix). The fast and easy review process makes it easy for on-the-go students to quickly praise delightful dishes or knowingly avoid subpar cuisine.

With so many choices it can be difficult to know which hot, new restaurant is worth trying, or which trusted, hole-in-the-wall you may have missed. Foodler helps you navigate with “Best Bets;” it’s a special list of restaurants based on where you are right now that shows you who’s got the best local ratings, deals, and offers. And Best Bets gets smarter every time you place an order or rate a restaurant or dish, tailoring its recommendations to suit your tastes.

And say you’re in class and starving — Foodler allows you to schedule a delivery so that a warm pizza or  your favorite Chinese food can be delivered when you get back to your dorm or apartment.

Getting ready to watch the big game with friends, or maybe host a marathon movie night? Foodler even makes it easy to invite people to an order – just add people to your order and they’ll be able to choose whatever they want for themselves. Items even show up labeled by name!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Foodler app today. Your friends (and appetite) will thank you.

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