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Five types of guys to avoid

Here’s how to spot and avoid these types

You’ve probably met all of these guys and maybe even made the mistake of dating one of them. Take the precautionary route and read on for how to spot and steer clear of these types.

1.) The Player. Yeah, yeah, it’s easier said than done. He’s charming and cute, so you want to believe those sweet nothings spilling out of his mouth. But don’t play dumb: If you’re finding other women’s belongings around his apartment or he has a tendency to go MIA, he probably has something to hide. Other telltale player signs include the major freak-out when you touch his phone and an impressive number of excuses for his shadiness. Players exist everywhere, but tend to fester in sloppy bars and apartments housing four or more people. Bottom line: The Player isn’t interested in relationships, so don’t be the poor girl who thinks she can change him.

2.) The Metro. Following David Beckham’s rise in popularity, Journalist Mark Simpson introduced the concept of the metrosexual man in 2002 . “[The Metro] likes to be admired… and doesn’t care whether the admiring is done by women or by men.” Let’s get this straight: There’s nothing wrong with a guy caring about his appearance. The problem with the Metro occurs when finding the perfect v-neck takes priority over you and your needs. Does he panic when he runs out of Jergens Daily Glow moisturizer? Definitely a Metro. In the long run, a high-maintenance guy will be more trouble than he’s worth. If he is a perfectionist about the way he looks, it may be indicative of his deep self-interest. The Metro can be found tossing his perfectly coiffed hair at pretentious nightclubs and you can bet he’s not sipping on a beer.

3.) Mr. Not-So-Funny. A sense of humor in a guy is a vital quality for many women, and maybe that’s what initially attracted you to him. Mr. Not-So-Funny is distinguishable from funny guys because he takes his jokes too far and doesn’t know when to stop. He may be afraid to make himself vulnerable, or maybe he’s just not that into you. Who cares? This guy hasn’t grown up yet, and it’s not anyone’s responsibility but his mother’s to wait for him.

4.) The One with All the Baggage. The older you get, the heavier the average man’s baggage becomes. But there’s a difference between the friendly phone call here and there and frequent dinners with the ex. Whether it’s an ex-wife or an ex-girlfriend, remember this: If he cares about you, he’ll drop the baggage. If he doesn’t, get out of there quickly. A guy with too much baggage is easy to spot—he constantly and casually brings up the ex when you first meet and he dwells heavily on the demise of his last relationship.

5.) The Dumb Guy. Dumb Guys are absolutely everywhere. Women fall for them because despite being mentally vacant, they have some other redeeming qualities that encourage you to try to look beyond the obviously low IQ. Maybe he has great family values or he’s really hardworking. Generally speaking, people can’t help how inherently intelligent or not they are. You don’t have to hate the Dumb Guy for being dumb, but you should leave him to a girl that’s closer to his intellect. Here’s some food for thought from the New York Daily News: Dumb guys are more likely to cheat on their significant others than smart ones.

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