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Every young entrepreneur should check this out

If you are a young entrepreneur then you need to enter this competition

The Forbes Under 30 $1M Change the World Competition is calling for young social entrepreneurs to submit their ideas and win up to $1 million in funding for their business.

“The competition calls on social entrepreneurs with disruptive and scalable ideas with the potential to change the world. It is open to both nonprofit and for-profit enterprises,” reads the guidelines. “This is not a business plan competition – organizations or companies must already be in operation and the prize money should be utilized to accelerate the most promising ideas.”

Submissions must be through HeroX.com before the August 26 deadline.

The criteria is as follows: “this challenge seeks innovative models that attack big problems with solutions that are scalable. The competition is looking for exceptional teams executing bold ideas with the potential to make a huge impact. Judges are looking for solutions in the areas of education, extreme poverty, sustainability, global health and any other number of other social problems.”

Five or six finalists will receive a cash award of $100,000, and have the chance to compete at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia on October 6. The winner receives (at least!) $400,000 in additional cash and in-kind support bringing their award total to at least $500,000 USD, and the overall award total to $1,000,000 USD

For more information and rules on entering, click here.

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