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Eccentric Gifts Perfect for College Students

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Eccentric Gifts Perfect for College Students

Finding college students the perfect gift is one of the most time-consuming and stressful activities that almost everyone has experienced at some point. A great way to avoid giving a boring gift is to go for something eccentric, unique and extraordinary.

The unexpected and unconventional gift will be loved and cherished far more than an uninteresting one. Here is a list of eccentric gifts tailored mainly towards college students, but can be presented to anyone who appreciates uniqueness:

1. Unicorn-themed gifts

The unicorn is a mythological creature which resembles a horse and has a horn on its forehead. Called unicornis in Latin, one of the first descriptions of this magical creature is found in Greek literature. It is described as a single-horned animal with a white body, purple head, blue eyes, and a long horn on its forehead. A unicorn is thought to ward off evil and protect people from all types of poisons. In certain parts of the Bible, it is mentioned as the creature re’em.

In modern times, the creature is associated with magic and unicorn-themed gifts are perfect for anyone with a good sense of humor. These gifts range from gin made from “unicorn tears” to unicorn snot glitter gel and even canned “unicorn meat”. Regardless of the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a unicorn-themed present.

2. Visiting Vantablack

In 2014, Surrey Nanosystems created the darkest matter known to man and named it Vantablack. Vanta is the acronym for “Vertically Aligned Nanotube Arrays,” which refers to its structure made up of millions of small carbon nanotubes. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the world’s darkest man-made substance and absorbs up to 99.9 percent of radiation in the visible spectrum. It will be used for improved visibility in outer space in satellites and telescopes. Artist Sir Anish Kapoor announced in late 2016 that he had acquired exclusive rights to use this material, which led to the creation of this fascinating piece of art.

Currently, schools, universities and museums can order the substance for educational purposes and the sample will be sent in a sealed, crinkled-foil display-unit. The substance is said to be so black that the human eye is unable to see its exact shape and form. Although you can’t buy clothes or merchandise made from the material, you can visit the museum that houses it (UK). The visit will make for an eye-opening gift, especially for a science geek. It is said that staring at Vantablack is like staring at a black hole in outer space!

3. Body pillow

This is a large pillow, also known as ‘Dakimakura’ in Japanese, which translates to “hug pillow.” Popular among Japanese youth, these polyester-filled pillows have been around for centuries. Before the 90s, they came in simple prints with no images on them. However, with the rapid rise of anime and manga fans during the 90s, production of body pillows with illustrations of various anime characters on the front and back became common. An anime body pillow will be a unique gift for anyone, regardless of whether or not they are fans of anime, manga, or comic books.

4. Out of this world

Outer-space fans will love these perfect eccentric gifts. You can buy a galaxy umbrella, which comes with a high-resolution photo of the galaxy printed on it, so you are always under the stars. Another option is an infinity-mood cube; a mood light that creates amazing outer-space optical illusions. Jet black in color and cubical in shape, it is a rotating LED that will mesmerize anyone. Heat-sensitive mugs are another perfect gift idea. When you pour hot liquid into these innocuous-looking mugs, they light up in a range of patterns, showing the various constellations, a galaxy, the world map, or more.

You can also find a range of outlandish outer-space themed food products including donuts, cakes, wallpapers and even lollipops. A word of caution —avoid buying a gift where you pay to name a star after a loved one because this is essentially pointless. It will only be named in the company’s books where you buy this service from.

5. Carnivorous plant

Bored of seeing the same harmless house-plant in every home? Then gift the carnivorous Venus Fly Trap plant instead. Called Dionaea Muscipula in Latin, it feeds itself by luring and capturing prey, such as flies, inside traps that are lined with tiny hairs.

6. Caffeinated soap

Calling all coffee-addicts! If you want to give a coffee-lover the perfect eccentric gift, look no further. Even after gulping down a mug or two of their morning cuppa, they can continue to get their caffeine-fix from this caffeinated soap as they shower!

7. Souvenir from Hobbiton

If you know a huge Lord of the Rings fan, then get them a pair of shire slippers. These fluffy slippers are designed to look like hobbit feet—notoriously large and hairy. They’re funny, quirky and make for a great gift for a college student who is a Tolkien fan.

8. Nothing

Do you know someone who has everything? Then this is the perfect gift for them, the gift of nothing! Ingenious and strange, itis sure to be appreciated. Perhaps a last-resort option, choose this if you are unable to find anything at all.

The next time you go looking for the perfect eccentric gift for college students or loved ones, take a look at these weirdly wonderful options. There is no need to rely on tired options like socks, because now you can take your pick from dark matter, outer space and even unicorns! These gifts show that you put a lot of thought into them and will stand out from the rest, making you the king or queen of gift-giving!

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