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Earl Sweatshirt finds his "Solace"

Courtney Rose

Last month Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt dropped an album titled I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside. This album was the first drop we’ve seen from the MC in almost a year. He surprised us again after he dropped a second project in less than a few weeks later Solace.

The ten-minute stream was released yesterday on Youtube. It may seem like it’s one lengthy  track but the beat changes throughout the project. Earl describes Solace with the caption: “Music from when I hit the bottom and found something,” referring to what could easily be defined as his “solace.”

Finding his comfort in the art of this project, Earl talks about his mom who he said initially sparked the effort to start the project. “When they drag me out the gutter/ mail the ashes to my mother,” he raps. Continuing to transport his message lyrically he later adds “Try to make some sense of all this shit in my brain/ one foot stuck in a tar pit of my ways.”

Two drops in less than a month is unexpected, but apparently Earl had this in the works for a few months. In March, he briefly spoke of the short endevor with NPR. “We set up a studio in my house and I did a project real fast,” he began. “It’s called Solace. And that, I’m just sitting- it’s more for my mom.” 

Earl Sweatshirt took a different approach to this project by challenging himself to be more transparent; taking his career to a new level of depth.


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