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Donate to the creation of a Chicago based avant-garde horror film

Editorial Staff

Local chicago film company launches a Kickstarter for their premiere film


In an age where horror films rely on CGI effects to deliver the thrills and chills, it is always refreshing when a production focuses on atmosphere, acting and abstract ideas to really capture the genre of horror. A new Chicago based film company has started to do just that. Created by artist, actor and educator King Berry, Horror Artists Alliance Studios have already begun delving into the twisted world of the avant-garde with their premiere nostalgic horror, Creature From Bikini Beach.

The film reminisces the 1950’s scream classics, where wholesome teenagers are corrupt when they are exposed to the wonders of rock n’ roll. The film explores the savagery and barbarity that often lurks deep within the human psyche.

A Kickstarter has been created for the post-production of the project in an effort to improve distribution and for people to invest into Chicago’s idiosyncratic local arts community. The Kickstarter states “Because of our commitment to fostering fellow Chicago modern artists, and our work as local arts educators, any funds you donate to this specific project are more broadly an investment in the vitality of Chicago’s most important art scene. Unfortunately, the performing arts are still underrepresented in our city’s modernist community, largely because of the funding needed to successfully facilitate performances. Therefore, your generosity helps us complete our work in a professional and efficient fashion, which in turn helps us credibly continue our mission of supporting local art and creating innovative production structures for performing artists.” 

People who donate can get everything from recognition in Creature From Bikini Beach’s final credits to a spot at the premiere party and memorabilia from the production. Donate to the Kickstarter HERE.

This Kickstarter has launched on a perfect week, with the premiere Chicago horror convention, Flashback Weekend touching down this weekend. Classic film makers and mega horror stars like Robert Englund, the entire cast of Phantasm, the entire cast of Hellraiser, Traci Lords and tons more. You can grab tickets to that HERE.


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