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Design with peel and stick

Editorial Staff

BUTCH & harold

**This content is sponsored by Butch&Harold’s

BUTCH & harold’s whimsical line of peel and stick products are an incredible innovation in home décor. All of our amazing products are made right here in the USA. They are completely safe for use on just about any surface and are totally reusable. Our products won’t peel paint or leave any sticky residue.  That’s why we like to say – peel… stick… love… repeat!

Our signature product is our cool collection of peel and stick picture frames. Stickr frames come in a ton of ultra hip styles and designs. And using them couldn’t be easier or more fun – you’ll never want to buy a “regular” picture frame again! Simply peel each frame from the package, place your photo behind it, and stick it to the wall.  No more hooks, hammers or band-aids! Stickr frames are also an amazing value. Most collections come with up to 8 cool frames including all the sizes you need: 8×10’s, 5×7’s, 4×6’s and 4×4  – all for an incredibly low price of just $19.95.  Also included in each kit, is a stickr ruler to help plan your space, and tons of other fun stickr surprises! 

But stickr frames are only the beginning – BUTCH & harold has a collection of other great peel and stick products available.  Like our latest innovation – stickr banners.  Perfect for any special occasion – stickr banners include essential messages like –  Happy Birthday, Congratulations and new favorites like LOL, OMG, BFF, ;).  And the value continues because each of these banner styles comes with 4 stickr frames to personalize your banner as well as decorative stickers to have fun with your photos. 

Stickr corners are our answer to boring old thumbtacks, magnets and worst of all – tape! With stickr corners you can proudly display your kids artwork and so much more – to-do lists, invitations – stickr corner uses are endless.

And don’t forget to try our incredible new Facebook app! Virtually frame your photos and share with friends using any of our cool designs.  Choose your frame, upload your photo and share! LIKE!!

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