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Fun Ways to Keep Moving through the Holidays

Before the main event of feasting on Thanksgiving day, we offered some tips to stick to your diet on the big day. Or at least, how not to completely ruin a year of hard work. Now there are a few weeks before the next big chow down on Christmas week and the parties of New Year’s Eve. Before we get to these next big eating days, it is no time to slack off on your workout. But, during this time of year there are other parties, gatherings, family and friends visiting from out of town. So many things that can distract us from out fitness routine. There are just as many advantages and new opportunities to shake up your workout.

Instead of seeing this as a time to slack off, consider some of the many ways to increase your activity and try something a little different.

Walk the neighborhood see the lights. This time of year is wonderful for seeing new things in your daily walk, or run. You may not be as interested in getting outside if the weather is poor, but a good brisk walk just as the lights are coming on, can be a lot of fun. You may decide to do your walk indoors as well. The malls and shopping centers during the holiday season can be stressful for shoppers, but there is plenty of people watching, window decor and interesting sights where it is warmer indoors.

While we are out and about this year with family and friends, and maybe not in our own neighborhood. How about a game of pickup football in the warmer climates. Indoor games like ping pong can be great if it is too chilly out side. Think about bringing out those interactive gaming devices too like the Nintendo Wii. It is not just for the kids. If you are feeling guilty at a party move away from the buffet line and listen to the music. Dancing has kept generations slim through the holiday season.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a colder climate there are so many great things to do that cannot be done the rest of the year. Many of the winter activities also burn more calories because the body is not only working to keep moving, it is also trying to stay warm, and we are usually wearing more weight in clothes. While downhill skiing is great for balance and the core, cross country skiing is an unbeatable cardio! Even building a snowman will keep you from looking like a snowball by the end of the holiday season.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy those winter activities and stay warm!

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