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Cyndi Lauper and MAC Team Up For LGBT Youth

Danielle Olipra

Cyndi Lauper at 38th Annual San Francisco LGBT Pride parade

Eccentric singer promotes MAC AIDS fund on World AIDS Day

Cyndi Lauper has worked with MAC Makeup’s Viva Glam collection for years, and this year on World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) she used the opportunity to promote the MAC AIDS fund, says

The MAC AIDS fund, supported by Lauper, Lady Gaga, and Ricky Martin, and other celebrities, has collected over $224 million to prevent HIV/AIDS and promote the search for a cure.  The proceeds from MAC Viva Glam lipstick go to the fund.

On World AIDS Day, Lauper worked at the LGBT Youth Center in New York City, where she handed out MAC goodie bags and discussed AIDS to youths who are considered at-risk.  She sympathized with the adolescents, explaining, “when you’re a teenager you’re self destructive.  But what seems terrible now won’t be terrible 10 years down the line…You’ll get through it. You are precious. Protect yourself.”

Lauper encourages parents to speak openly with their children on the subject of AIDS, and to use MAC as their tool.  “Give your girls lipstick, and remind them that every time they put their Viva Glam lipstick on and go out, to protect themselves,” she said. 

During her discussions that day, Lauper stressed that while AIDS is a disease that can impact anyone, half of new HIV infections appear in people under 24, and bisexual and gay men are at risk for the virus as young as 13 years old.

Read more about Cyndi Lauper and the MAC ADIS fund here.

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