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Computers or Campuses?

As online courses continue to gain popularity,will in-person courses be a thing of the past?

It comes as no surpise that as technology continues to advance, the need to go on a physical campus is diminishing greatly. More and more colleges are offering online degrees that are worth just as much as taking on campus classes. So which is the better option?

Online classes are more popular than ever. The enrollment in online courses has increased over 150% from 1998 to 2008. The completion rate of online courses at community colleges is at a whopping 72%, which would descredit the argument that people are not as motivated taking online courses as they are physically being inside of the classroom.

With e-books rapidly replacing textbooks, soon there will be no need to have to sit in a classroom to receive an adequate education. However, there are some aspects of physically being in a class that cannot be replaced by online courses. For one thing, face to face classes provide a structure that cannot be replaced. Face to face education also gives an opportunity for networking that does not hold the same weight that internet networking has.

Online courses provide a sense of convenience for students, especially those who have families to take care of. Being able to turn in assignments at any time of the day and cutting down costs, give students a money saving and time saving option.

Which do you feel is better? Online courses or on campus courses?

Infographic via Top10OnlineColleges.org

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