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'Community' has been cancelled, but that might be what the show needed to become bigger

Jess Smith

Donald Glover, Danny Pudi and Gillian Jacobs at ComicCon 2011

Netflix or another streaming website could save the show

Community fans might be reaching for the tissues right about now. NBC just went on a cancelling spree announcing that they gave the axe to shows Revolution, Crisis, Believe and Growing Up Fisher, but probably the biggest surprise of all was when they announced that their show Community would not be returning for a sixth season.

Although fans may view this as a surprise, the death of the show had been in the air for a while with the creator Dan Harmon leaving as the show runner for an entire season with Alien in America creators David Guarisco and Moses Port taking over for that entire season. Harmon returned for Season 5, which premiered on January 2, 2014, but one of the show’s stars Donald Glover also took this season to make an early exit from the series. Unfortunately the ratings were not up to par. For the duration of the entire 13 episode season the ratings averaged to about 3.8 million viewers.

The layered and intricate humor in Community made it a cult classic. Spawning its own popular forum on Reddit and even a KickStarter campaign for a convention made for Community fans called ‘Communicon’, the television show has a dedicated following. However, the show just proved not to be popular with the masses. However, all hope is not lost.

In this day and age where the most popular TV shows aren’t even on the television, there is always the most likely option of rebooting the show onto a streaming device. Just like with the revived fourth season of Arrested Development, it is a high possibility that Community may take the same route. With increasingly popular shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards reinventing the meaning of television shows, this might gain them an even bigger following than being on NBC. Who knows, maybe this might be the move Community needed.

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