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Common’s latest diss track takes on Drake

Common has dissed Drake in his latest track, and fans of both artists have taken to the Internet to voice their opinions.

As RapDose reports, Common’s lastest track, “Stay Schemin” lays it all out. “Common even takes it a little further by throwing in a well placed Destiny’s Child sample that taunts Drake to fire back with his own diss track.” Rapping, among other things, “You Canada Dry.” Now, the rap world and fans are wondering if Drake will respond.

Fans’ opinions of Common’s Drake diss are all over the board at the moment. Many don’t see why it’s such a big deal saying, “This Drake and common beef is so random…….That’s like Rihanna and Chaka khan havin beef” and “Y is it wrong for common to diss drake?? This is hip hop yall gettin soft.” While others think Common’s diss fell flat, commenting, “And don’t get me wrong, i’m a HUGE Common fan but a spade is a spade everytime and he totally lost me on this one…”

What do you think of the Common/Drake feud? Listen to Common’s track below and tell us!

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