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Comcast Says Its Policies Are Responsible for Customer Harassment

Katy Hollingsworth

Remember that Comcast customer service call we posted last week? Comcast admits its policies are to blame.

Comcast isn’t known for being the best in customer service. In fact, after last week’s customer service call with Ryan Block and his wife went viral, I’m pretty sure most people will be steering far and wide of Comcast’s services in the future.

It may be too little too late, but Comcast has recently announced that it will be reexamining its customer service policies, which are currently focused on keeping subscribers from leaving–even if that means harrassing them. Those who work in customer service probably understand the agent’s determination in keeping the subscriber. Most agents’ paychecks come from the number of customers they lose and how many are kept from leaving.

Comcast’s COO Dave Watson said in a leaked letter that “…the agent on this call did a lot of what we trained him and paid him … to do… That said, it was painful to listen to this call, and I am not surprised that we have been criticized for it.”

Watson continued in his letter,

“When the company has moments like these, we use them as an opportunity to get better, and that’s what we’re going to do. We will review our training programs, we will refresh our manager on coaching for quality, and we will take a look at our incentives to ensure we are rewarding employees for the right behaviors. We can, and will, do better.”

What do you think? Is Comcast doing too little, too late?

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