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Coffee and tea lovers will love this Kickstarter campaign

Editorial Staff

Coffee and tea lovers will love this Kickstarter campaign

Mojoe™ Brewing introduces their brand new portable brewing system

Attention coffee and tea lovers, you will love this Kickstarter campaign! No longer will you have to tell people “Do not talk to me, I haven’t had my coffee”, because you can now brew your own coffee anywhere and everywhere thanks to the innovative mojoe ™ brewing company.  Mojoe has revealed their portable mug-sized portable brewers that can be used with any of your choice coffee grounds or the mojoe ™ To-Go Sticks ™. Mojoe™ truly has convenience in mind with the portable brewer being able to be powered via a car charger, a wall outlet or a rechargeable battery. Coffee lovers can load up their portable mojoe™ with the coffee, sugar and creamer until you are ready for your on-the-go brewing experience.

If coffee isn’t your forte, then you will be pleased to find out that the mojoe™ also brews tea! So, whenever you need a hot drink to kickstart or day or to make it better, then this is definitely for you.

Get your own mojoe™ and make the dream of the mojoe™ come alive by donating to their Kickstarter campaign. Those who pledge $69 or more can get their hands on an Early-Bird mojoe™ Starter Kit, which comes with one mojoe™, a reusable filter and a wall and car adapter. If you pledge $139, you can get yourself 2 mojoe™ brewers, so basically the more you pledge the more brewers you can get!

Go on their Kickstarter page to back the mojoe™ and to take a look at exactly how this awesome invention works.

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