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CN's Picks For Best Holiday Gifts

Editorial Staff

The Bowtie

The holiday season is when it is time to look your most dapper. However, sometimes the standard tie and suit can be boring for those who want to stand out from the crowd at a party. Thankfully, the designers at TAKD had the contemporary man in mind when they designed their solid wood bowties that pay precise attention to the construction and miniscule detail when making their unique accessory. Check out their unique bowties at  

Workout Gear

 Just because you are stuffing yourself full of delicious holiday dinners doesn’t mean you need to hibernate for the winter.  If Carbon 38’s chic workout clothes don’t get you motivated to get fit then I don’t know what will. Any woman on your Christmas list will want to rock these straight-from-the-runway workout clothes.  Featuring the top designers, Carbon38 brings athleticism to the runway. Check out their website at

Dart Game

There is nothing better during a party then playing an old fashioned game of darts.  A holiday party isn’t complete without a group of friends or family gathering around a dartboard and getting involved in a bit of healthy competition. Horizon Darts has you covered with a vast selection of high quality darts at an affordable price. This will be the perfect present for any dart enthusiast. To check out their selection go to

Fashionable Bags

Bags can make just a big (if not bigger) of a fashion statement than the clothes you are wearing. Men’s bags are becoming an important staple in men’s fashion these days and Rugged Material puts a new high fashion take on the “working man.” Their exclusive line of bags and satchels are made with premium material and what makes it even better is they are sold at factory direct prices! To see their bags and other men’s accessories go to

Waterproof MP3

Ever been jamming to tunes while washing the dishes and your MP3 fell in the sink and ultimately to its demise? Well, Pyle Audio knows this pain and has developed their heavy-duty waterproof MP3 player.  This MP3 player even comes with a built in pedometer that you can use while working out or even swimming laps! Get this amazing Pyle Waterproof MP3 at

Clean Teeth

Cenoire has been known to put a little umph in the electronic accessories department, by adding a little personal style to them to make even the most basic thing fashionable. Their latest product is the Cenoire Eluo, which is a high-powered electronic toothbrush that comes in an array of fashionable designs and colors that make for a trendy little hygienic tool. Coming in a small compact size, the Eluo comes with a carrying case that protects your toothbrush when traveling on the go. To buy the Eluo go to

Booming Sound

The BRAVEN BRV-X is one of the only Bluetooth speaker that really packs a big enough punch to entertain an entire party. With holiday parties happening nearly every weekend in December and January, it is important to make sure the tunes are cranked high and Bluetooth capabilities allows everyone to be the DJ in the room. The BRAVEN BRV-X is a perfect gift for any music lover out there. Get the BRAVEN BRV-X at

Compact Headphones

When it comes to sound, bass addicts usually turn to over-the-ear headphones to find a pair that really satisfies the need for a large sound. However PureGear’s Pure Boom headphones have the intensity of over-the-ear headphones inside of earbuds. The sleek and modern designs of the earbuds even have an inline mic, to add the convenience factor of hands-free phone calls. Take a look at the Pure Boom headphones at

Casual Belt

Believe it or not, but the belt a man is wearing can make or break his outfit. For those men who want to look dapper and fashionable, the John Bartlett Statements Men’s Brown Casual Belt is the perfect choice. The belt is genuine leather and features an elegant braided inset that really sets off the entire belt.

Pendant Necklace

The Ruff Hewn 16” Wrapped Nugget Pendant Necklace from Carson’s has a mythical appearance with a gorgeous brass chain wrapped around a beautiful stone. This amazing piece of jewelry will be an automatic eye-catcher and be the envy of everyone’s eyes. The extreme affordability also makes it a no-brainer.

Dorm Fun

Perfect for a dorm room, Pyle’s Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Board can be a fun way to leave your roommate a message or have a little fun with your friends. The LED Writing Board comes with 8 fluorescent markers, a control box, and a remote to set the board to different flashing modes. The neon colors are sure to jazz up any room. Get your Pyle Erasable Illuminated LED Writing Board at

Jewel Vision

There is nothing more unsightly than a bunch of tangled jewelry lying on top of your dresser. Jewel Vision not only helps you keep your jewelry fully organized, but it also gives an air of elegance to your room with its flaw less royal design. The chic gold color and the customizable branches allow you to hang any and all types of jewelry. This amazing piece comes in a red gift box that is sure to wow anyone who is lucky enough to receive this jewelry organizer as a gift. Go to to get yours.

High Definition TV

Just because you don’t have an expensive cable provider, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy high definition television. The Winegard Flatwave Amped Indoor HDTV eliminates those ugly antennas that our grandmothers used to have with it’s sleek and modern design. The embedded pre amplifier allows the channels to be 100% amplified and receive reception up to 50 miles. Perfect for the dorm, this antenna will eliminate the need for a cable bill to annihilate your wallet. Purchase the Winegard Flatwave Amped Indoor HDTV at

Trendy Jewelry

The Bird Skull Necklace by X by Trollbeads is the perfect present for the fashionista in your family. This necklace is super edgy with a silver bird skull attached to a beautiful braided black Asian cord.  This necklace can be worn casually or even formally with the right outfit. The gorgeous silver with the black backdrop of the rope allow this necklace to be adaptable to any color scheme that you happen to be wearing. Look at this gorgeous necklace on

Spiritual Leather Necklace

Men’s accessories are often a forgotten art form, but accessorizing in men’s fashion is just as important as accessorizing for women. The Spiritual Leather Necklace has silver charms attached to a rope of black leather. It’s chic design has a vintage quality to it which adds even more to it’s elusive charm. Any man would be lucky to add this to their daily wear. The Spiritual Leather Necklace is available on

Personal Sound System

Headphones with true noise cancelling technology are hard to find. So many headphones claim to be the greatest, but fail to deliver on that promise.  Well, the Phiaton BT 220 NC headphones truly keep their word with a series of amazing features that aren’t commonly seen with headphones. To get these headphones head to

Keep Warm

The Ruff Hewn Men’s Convertible Gloves are not only extremely warm, but they are fashionable and convenient, since they can go from fingerless gloves to mittens! The biggest problem with gloves these days is that nearly every cell phone has touch screen abilities, which most gloves cannot pick up on. Being able to turn your gloves to fingerless gloves are perfect for the on-the-go commuter who wants to be able to use their Smartphone without having to sacrifice your fingers to Jack Frost.  Get your Ruff Hewn Men’s Convertible Gloves at

Be Prepared In Emergencies

Whether it’s a power outage, natural disaster or a full-fledged zombie apocalypse, Champ’s Survival Light Stick Weather Radio is a must-have device that has a slew of safety features that will reduce stress and possible save your life during an emergency. The Champ Survival Light Stick Weather Radio is not only a way to get crucial weather information when all other systems are down, but it is also a flashlight, mobile charger, distress light, siren and a reading lamp. In addition to all of this, the Survival Light Stick is also a charger for portable devices that can be used by a nifty hand crank, rechargeable or solar panel charger. Get yours at

Trendy Head Phones

Since headphones are considered both electronics and accessories, it is important that the aesthetic is appealing. The WoodTones line of headphones by Griffin Technology is not only exceptional in sound, but they are made from gorgeous woodtones, including Beech, Sapele and Walnut Trees. These headphones also come with a control mic to make them as convenient as they are chic. Grab the WoodTones by Griffin Technology at www.griffintechnology/com/woodtones


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