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CBD in the Bedroom? What You Need to Know About CBD Lube

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CBD in the Bedroom? What You Need to Know About CBD Lube

More comfortable. More fun. More satisfying. This is what sex should feel like. Sex should be pleasurable, not painful!

Studies and Sex: The Benefits of Sex Lube

While you may be tired of reading about studies and surveys in class, you’ll be interested in this research: Multiple studies show that sex lube can make the experience better for everyone.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased pleasure and arousal
  • Relieved pain and discomfort
  • More fun (A.K.A. more foreplay!)
  • Promotes safer sex

Long story short: Adding a bottle of lubricant to your bedside drawer can make sex sexier!

Now, What About CBD Lubricant?

If you haven’t heard, CBD is having a moment in the wellness world.

What is CBD?

CBD is a natural oil derived from the cannabis plant. Just to be clear, CBD does not get you ‘high’ –– that’s THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD is a 100% legal, natural, and safe ingredient with a long list of benefits.

CBD Benefits

CBD is a natural superstar. Research shows some CBD benefits include:

  • Supported anxiety and stress relief
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Increased blood flow and muscle relaxation

What is CBD Lubricant?

With its ever-increasing list of benefits, CBD is now starring in several wellness products, from lotion to lip balm. Now, it’s made its way to lubricants.

Building on the benefits highlighted earlier, CBD lubricant can create a more positive experience for everyone.

As you know, sex lube alone can increase pleasure, relieve pain, and make sex more fun! On top of that, CBD can soothe anxiety, reduce pain, relax your muscles, and increase blood flow.

Combining these benefits all in one, many women have discovered better sex (and orgasms!) with CBD lubricant, like Morgasm-Hi.

Doctors conclude this may be because of the decreased pain and increased blood flow and relaxation encouraged by CBD lubricant. During sex, blood flow increases in the genitals, increasing their sensitivity and arousal. By supporting this blood flow, CBD can make these sensations feel more comfortable, sensitive (in a good way!), and pleasurable.

Research shows CBD can help turn up your sex drive, while also helping reduce the pain experienced by those with vaginismus, PCOS, or other conditions.

Arousal Cream vs. Sex Lube

Now, before you go scrolling and shopping for lube, let’s clarify a few things.

First? Sex lube or arousal cream?

Most often, these are two separate products. Traditionally, sex lube is designed to add moisture, relieve pain, and reduce any friction during intercourse. Arousal cream is formulated to stimulate the area, increase pleasure, and heat things up!

You want some of that too, right? Cue: CBD lubricant, the best of both worlds. Morgasm-Hi is a lubricant and arousal cream in one –– an arousal lubricant, thanks to the CBD benefits.

What to Look for in a CBD Lubricant?

Think about it like this: Getting a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop is a lot different than getting a coffee from a vending machine. They’re not the same quality!

To get the real benefits of CBD lubricant, you need to make sure the product checks all the right boxes (just like your perfectly balanced order of caramel-mocha iced coffee does).

Here are a few key factors to look for when buying the right CBD lubricant:

  • Is it water-based?

Oil-based lube is not condom friendly! Practice safe sex and help prevent STDs by using condoms and water-based lubricants, like Morgasm-Hi.

  • Is it organic?

Keep it safe, clean, and healthy. Ensure the lube is organic and all-natural.

  • Is it full-spectrum CBD?

To get the real CBD benefits, you’ve got to get the real stuff. You want to see the term “full-spectrum CBD” on the bottle.

  • How much CBD is in it?

Ensure the product has enough CBD to produce results. With the goal to create a CBD arousal cream that increases female libido and sexual performance in men, Morgasm-HI found the perfect formula: 250 mg of legal hemp-sourced full-spectrum CBD.

Morgasm’s CBD 2-in-1 Sex Lube & Arousal Cream

Morgasm-HI is not just a lube. Instead of buying a lubricant and arousal enhancer, you’ll get a CBD arousal lubricant –– 2 in 1!

Morgasm-HI is dedicated to supporting safe and satisfying sex. No pain, more pleasure!

Morgasm-HI is designed to make sex exciting for everyone with a water-based, full-spectrum, all-natural formula.

More comfortable. More fun. More satisfying. Learn more about their arousal lubricants here.

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