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What to Know About a Career as a Mover or Relocation Specialist

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What to Know About a Career as a Mover or Relocation Specialist

So much about our world is changing, and people are needed who can keep up with the pace of change. Families are relocating, businesses are branching out into new markets, and no matter where people go they are going to need specialists who can help get them there. Professional movers and relocation specialists are the experts who lend a hand whenever individuals, households, businesses, and others need to reestablish themselves in new locations. Working with a relocation specialist can help ease the stress associated with the important changes in life, making them easier to handle. Whether you are moving for life, career, business, or even military service reasons, working with the right experts can take the worry out of each stage.

How a Relocation Specialist Helps People

A relocation specialist can provide valuable support to many of the most complex aspects of moving your household or business. If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you might need to work with a relocation specialist:

  • Do you need tough questions answered? Every move is different and will bring with it questions that need answered in a timely manner. Your specialist answers to you, and has the expert insight to address the concerns affecting your relocation process.
  • Do you need to stick to a timeline? Relocation specialists understand that timelines exist for a reason. The specialist you work with understands that people are depending on you, and will strive to meet all target deadlines.
  • Do you need help understanding policies? Contracts, insurance policies, and other agreements can be difficult for the non-expert to understand. Specialists can explain what your rights and responsibilities are so you are fully covered in all circumstances – even the unexpected ones.
  • Do you need help coordinating administrative details? Many details will have to be finalized, regardless of the scope of your move. The specialist you partner with will make sure phone calls are returned, documents are signed, and the right people have the right information. You can focus on the things that matter most to you.
  • Do you need to communicate with real estate agents? – Real estate transactions are more complicated than most people imagine; this is true even if a lease or sale is cancelled. A specialist is able to communicate directly with the agent to facilitate these transactions in a rapid, skillful manner.
  • Do you need help with immigration or visas? If you must navigate immigration or visa applications as a part of employment relocation, working with a specialist is highly recommended. These application processes can be complicated; having someone experienced on your side can make the processes easier.
  • Do you need help at your destination? A specialist can arrange local insurance and banking, vehicle leasing or rental, and even language training. This helps prepare each member of your team for what they will encounter at the relocation destination.

What Does it Take to Be a Professional Mover?

Professional movers are just some of the experts that relocation specialists work closely with. Many moving companies choose to focus on residential, commercial, or specialty moving services; as a result, a company will advertise their area of focus as well as any special moving services they offer, such as antiques, art, or pianos.

Professional movers work in fast-paced environments and may need to work on weekends. Some movers choose to work for agencies focused on home, office, or specialty relocation while others prefer warehouse or delivery work. With a commercial driver’s license, the opportunity to drive large trucks and other large vehicles becomes available. CDL certification may be sought as part of a career path or as a separate, personal decision. Often, on the job training is provided along with other possible training opportunities.

Many professional movers have a high school diploma; a four-year college degree may be helpful in this career field, but is not necessary. A certificate or a two-year degree can also be helpful but is also not necessary to get started as a professional mover. Stamina, strength, a flexible schedule, a clean driving record, and a hard-working attitude are all you need to start. To move up in this career, leadership skills and knowledge of relevant equipment are helpful.

Helping People Move Forward in Life

Relocation specialists and professional movers both provide valuable services to people from all walks of life. People turn to them when it is time to begin a new chapter in life. Could this be a potential career for you?

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for SMARTBOX Moving & Storage

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