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Buxom Bandit shows off for security camera

Editorial Staff

Buxom Bandit, well endowed

Dumb blonde robs gas station, flaunting goods

She’s been dubbed the “Buxom Bandit.” But, the women caught on a surveillance camera, robbing a Gold Coast Australian gas station, game please more than anything a sketch artist could come up with.

Perhaps she needed to get her nails done or couldn’t get a guy to buy her a drink at the bar. Whatever the reasons motivating the Buxom Bandit, one thing is sure; police shouldn’t have to much trouble having her identified in a lineup, given that she didn’t bother to cover her face or her ample chest. 

An Queensland police news release stated that she drove up to the gas station in a car driven by a man.

The Buxom Bandit did remember to where a glove, so she didn’t get fingerprints on anything. Though, she put it on the wrong hand. In the video she can be seen going through the register with her bare hands, holding a knife in the gloved one. Maybe she will use the same defense as O.J. did.

The Buxom Blonde is still at large, but if caught, her trial will certainly make some jiggling headlines.


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