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Burning Your Passivity

Elif Geris


A song of the perfect, plastic marriage is sung by Kimbra in “Settle Down,” where a man’s nightmare is brought to life, and a woman’s biggest fear is addressed.  Let her shelves swarming with burning porcelain dolls haunt you in this story of a little girl’s dream future.  As Mr. Right goes off to work, Mrs. Tight does her duty as the perfect wife.  But is she really making him happy enough?  Or is she simply a “wife?”  Perfect hair, perfect skin, and the perfect frilly dress are what compose the perfect housewife. The “boom-booms” and syncopated tune that Kimbra emits define the unpredictability that marriage is, while also translating to her listeners the perfect rhythm that the perfect wife creates.  Kimbra’s unfailing high notes communicate the struggle a woman undergoes in the chase of marriage.

Now veer away from the fear and join Santigold in the new single “Big Mouth,” dancing through a summer safari.  Her quiet mumbles guide you through the rainy jungle, the grass poking up to your ears.  Sneak through the bamboo and allow your combat boots to unlace as you glide through the effortless breeze.  Listen for the low bass as the ground shakes, signaling what your next move should be.  Life is short, so rush through the shrubbery and wear your best gear to face your future.  Don’t let the bazookas beat you.

Bring your attention to the soft xylophonic tings of Fiona Apple’s new single, “Every Single Night.”  Her safari-like calls mark her desperation for change of the soul.  Apple’s usual high, yet downtrodden notes come back in this much-needed single.  The bass cello’s hush indicates the discreet approach of her comeback, not only in the industry, but also out of revenge for a certain person.  He better run as fast as he can, because Apple has some passivity to crush, and this song cannot wait to feel his end.

Ready to settle?

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