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Brooklyn Girls Gone Viral for the Wrong Reasons

Adrianna Velazquez

Catey Shaw just might be the new Rebecca Black with the release of her latest music video.

Virginia Beach native-turned-Brooklyn, Catey Shaw’s latest video for her new single, “Brooklyn Girls,” has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

While Shaw attempts to showcase an image of what “Brooklyn Girls” represent, she fails to portray an accurate depiction of the city and natives of Brooklyn with her White Girl Problems-style lyrics. She accurately represents everything that Brooklynites dislike about the false identity their city has acquired.

The lyrics are repetitive and the oversaturated, unrealistic image portrayed through her latest music video is what has viewers outraged.

Shaw was a contestant on celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton’s “Can You Sing?” cover song competition and will be will be releasing her new album, Brooklyn EP later this year.

Check out the infamous video here.

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