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Bird man at U.S. Open speaks out

Scott Hixson

Bird man at the U.S. Open known only as 'Jungle Bird'

Identified only as ‘Jungle Bird’

The Bird man at the U.S. Open who interrupted the congratulatory interview between NBC sportscaster Bob Costas and U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson vows to strike again—this time, the U.K. House of Commons is the target.

The Bird man at the U.S. Open, identified only as ‘Jungle Bird,’ spoke with TMZ after the now infamous incident, in which he snuck past U.S. Open security officers in order to perform perhaps one of the more memorable photo-bombs of all time, cuckooing loudly before the camera as Simpson and Costas look on.

The Jungle Bird admitted to TMZ that he had a few beers prior to interrupting the interview, but he insisted the act was not merely a drunken stunt. According to the Jungle Bird, he jumped in front of the camera to raise awareness about deforestation.

“I want people thinking about saving trees,” said the Bird man.

According to the Jungle Bird, it was surprisingly easy to sneak past the mass of security at the U.S. Open as the guards were predominately caught up in the historic moment.

“It was quite easy . . . There was security there but everyone was caught up in the moment and they were distracted.”

The Jungle Bird was ripped from the camera by U.S Open officials and handed to the San Francisco police department. According to Jungle Bird, the officers were laughing with him and even making bird calls themselves at the station. Jungle Bird was released from police custody as the U.S. Open refused to press charges.

Jungle Bird has said that he doesn’t have plans to interrupt other golf tournaments. Instead, the Bird man at the U.S. Open plans to hit the U.K. House of Commons with another round of riveting bird calls perhaps.

“The House of Commons is the next port of call,” Jungle Bird said.

The Bird man at the U.S. Open has taken to capitalizing on his new fame by creating a Facebook page and now selling “Stop Deforestation” T-shirts.

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