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Bill O’Brien to coach for Penn State

Janelle Vreeland

Bill O'Brien during Patriots training camp

Bill O’Brien to fill Joe Paterno’s shoes

Bill O’Brien will be taking on the enormous task of filling Joe Paterno’s shoes.

ESPN reports O’Brien will become Penn State’s new head coach. O’Brien’s hiring is scheduled to be announced on Saturday. The terms of O’Brien’s contract are unknown.

O’Brien’s appointment is already causing some questionable buzz. Not only with this will be O’Brien’s first heach coaching position, he’s also neither been a coach nor a player for Penn State.

O’Brien will reportedly continue to to work as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator through the NFL playoffs.

“I’m sad to lose [O’Brien]. I told him that,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft told the Boston Herald on Friday. “We have a philosphy in our company, that if anyone has an opportunity and we can’t match it — we did have the ability to deny him under our contract — but this is one of the great college coaching positions. They have their challenges right now.”

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