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AViiQ's Portable Charging Station: The travel companion for gadget lovers

Jason Evangelho

The Portable Charging Station with Cable Rack

Neatly organize and easily charge up to 4 devices

When I travel, I don’t skimp on the gadgets. At the very least, I’m dragging along my PlayStation Vita, Samsung GALAXY Note, and iPad or Transformer Prime. Let’s not forget the wireless bluetooth speakers for the hotel room, and the tangle of cords and chargers needed to keep everything powered up. So, it’s nice to see that accessory company AViiQ has come up with an elegant solution for gadget junkies like me. 

Their Portable Charging Station is actually the 2nd generation of this accessory, but it packs some awesome improvements, like the removable cable rack which provides a solution for all those tangled cables. And the cable winder keeps your cords nice and short when they need to be. 

But one of the key features is the sleeve’s charging capabilities. It will charge up to 4 USB devices with only one outlet port — even tablets like the iPad which typically require higher wattages than most USB power provides. 

Now instead of stuffing everything haphazardly into a backpack, I can secure them, organize them, and zip them up in an attractive folio. 

The AViiQ Charging Station with Cable Rack is available now from AViiQ for $79.99

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