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We give you a clear idea of how much college costs

Picking out a college to attend can be a very stressful decision, especially when you have to consider your financial status. The average cost of a college education has increased over the years, so it is understandable to weigh out your options. Will you go to a private or a public school? Will you attend a community college or a four-year institution? These are important questions to ask yourself before settling on the first place you are accepted to.

More importantly, it is wise to know the average cost of college today. Below, you will find a chart summing up the prices of attendance through each school, as well as an average amount on loans, grants and net prices for full-time undergraduates, according to the National Center for Education Statistics).

As you can see, the average cost of attending a private college was $37,000, while a public school cost $19,100 in 2008. The average price of education is continuing to rise as our economy suffers through this financial struggle, but the chance of receiving scholarships and loans can help reduce these high costs.

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