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Princella Talley

Fashion favorites were plentiful at the People's Choice Awards

Whatever the reason may be, The Critics Choice Awards seems to overpower the People’s Choice Awards when it comes to importance and fashion analyzation. This tends to strike some of us as odd because, while both shows are important, one would assume the awards given out based on the fans and people that support the movies and television shows would create the most frenzy since the we the people ultimately have the power of deciding what’s hot and what’s not in the entertainment world.

Anywho, the dress code for this show is one of the more interesting. There was casual and red carpet chic, bold cuts and colors, and an agreeable list of winners to top it all off.

Here is an aphabetical list of the best.

Beth Behrs.

Kristen Bell

Kaley Cuoco

Miley Cyrus

Nina Dobrev

Faith Hill

Julianne Hough

Demi Lovato

 and Emma Stone

See more at Starpulse.

The fashion hits of the 2012 Critics Choice Awards

A list of the best dressed stars

The Critics Choice Awards brought out some of the brightest stars and most admirable styles. Here is a list of the best dressed in no particular order.

1. Emma Stone

2. Kirsten Dunst

3. Diane Kruger

4. Evan Rachel Wood

5. Stacey Keibler

6. Penelope Ann Miller  – While her look is classified in the “ugly” section, I personally see nothing wrong with the gown. The lip color and hair just seemed misdirected. 

If you want to know what other fashion lovers voted as the best and worst dressed of the evening, head over to Starpulse and Fashionista for a complete list and slideshow.

StyleTag proves to be a favorite amongst fashion lovers

There really does seem to be an app for everything, and style is no exception. For a free mobile app that keeps you up-to-date on all things fashion, StyleTag may be just the thing you need.

Recently listed as a Top 25 Free App in the iTunes Store, StyleTag makes it easy to stay in the loop regarding the brands and looks that you love. It can also serve as a networking platform for fashion lovers by connecting members to one another, allowing photo viewing and sharing and linking to other popular websites, such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

It doesn’t take much guesswork to figure out why this app is so popular. It’s trendy, free, easily operated, and is at your disposal just as often as your cell phone is.

Want more of the best apps? Check out the Top 10 Fashion Apps.

Iced out beauty

Using ice as a natural remedy for clearer skin

And what exactly does iced out beauty entail? No, it doesn’t include the expensive jewelry that just about everyone wears in the rap videos. It happens to be free, and easily acquired, because it is literally ice.

Yep, that frozen water in your freezer can greatly contribute to your beauty because it helps to tighten your pores and keep acne flares at bay. It may seem a little silly, but rub ice over your face twice daily for about 20 – 30 seconds after your morning and nighttime face wash and watch the improvement. It can also be used midday or any other time the mood strikes. 

As someone that has suffered with acne for years, I have personally witnessed the benefits of this cold, natural substance and my skin is now a lot more tight, glowy, and looking less like a pepperoni pizza. 

Here is a link for more information.

Feeling bold? Pull out your brightest red heels

So here is a quick tidbit about red shoes – especially heels. First off, if you don’t have any (which you already should) then go out and get a pair, but when you do, make sure they are loud. And I mean overtly loud and obvious to the point of being distracting. Why? Because red is the color of power that can make any outfit pop, while hinting at your bold and fun personality.

But as always in fashion, there is still the risk of becoming a fashion “Don’t.” In the case of red, too much is usually not a good thing. There are a few out there who could pull it off without looking like a humanized stop sign, but not many.

Often, it is best to pair red shoes with a totally different hue, keeping it more monotonous and dark. For example, wear black pants and a black shirt with firey red. 

For ladies, red lipstick (or a color reminiscent of it) with your little black dress, or casual dark attire with animal prints, and your choice of accessories can match well for a sophisticated and edgy look.

End result: You will rock in red.

A fashionable dissection of Karmin's music video 'Crash Your Party'

I don’t really know much about Karmin except for the fact that it’s a band compromised of an engaged couple named Amy and Nick. What I do know is that Amy is bright, colorful, and very vintage, and this is enough for me. Throughout the video for ‘Crash Your Party,’ we get to see Amy tread the careful line between fashion fab and fashion failure and she definitely falls to the fab end of the spectrum. Let’s get a little more specific.

Look One: Amy’s eyeliner is perfect. Personally, vintage inspired liner is my favorite with any type of look. One reason is because I’m a big fan of the cat eye. A second reason is that make up isn’t really my forte and this style is easy to apply and remove. I also think it contributes to a more youthful look since lining both the upper lids and water line can sometimes add age to the face.  The hair is also a great style, but there are so many widespread books, videos, and tools to achieve it that it doesn’t really need much discussion.

Look Two:  I loved the white on white combination of the tank and belt. Also, who can resist a woman that adds feminine flair to sneakers? Why don’t many women of fashion wear sneakers anymore? There are many different types of them on the market but we often overlook them for those sexy heels that make our feet scream after a few hours. Comfortable is always sexy, so why not add your pumped up kicks to an outfit you typically match with heels for a fun and flirty change.

Look Three: There are so many great things in this one shot from the color coordinated décor to the housewife with the sleeve tattoo, but on to the subject of Amy’s outfit. I have to say I’m in love here. I am also a bit jealous. It’s takes a bold fashionista indeed to wear so many contrasting colors at once but it can be done. The fashion gods have not yet blessed me with the swagger to wear pink skinny’s with blue heels, so in the meantime, I prefer to play it a little safer with the contrast. For example. I would match the solid colored shoes with a similar toned top and then go for the gusto with the rest of the outfit.

When it comes to the polka dot tops, it’s not uncommon for many of us to feel like we have “outgrown” them. I’m guilty of this one and I always put aside my polka dotted tops for fear of looking like a 12 year old who is actually twice the age, but you can work the look pretty well depending on what you pair it with, the cut of the top, and the fabric. Slightly sheer is a great choice because it’s sexy and takes away from the childish appeal. Also, notice the suspenders. It’s adorable when suspenders are worn well, and they can be given an amplified appeal with an accessory like a fedora.

Look Four: The print matches aren’t my favorite in this shot, but I could definitely overlook that to zone in on the humungous plant growing from her head. For a music video, it works. The times I have seen it in real life, it does not. Size definitely matters with this trend and size is what determines how great the garden that is growing from your head will look. There are many ways to pull this one off and the best thing to do is wear a medium or small flower to make you look more Hawaii and less like a person that has a big plant growing from the scalp.

Look Five: Just about everyone loves those slinky vintage inspired one shoulder dresses and while they are lovely, they are not always flattering. Sure a rocking hot bod will look great in one, but for those of us that are trying to accentuate a little here and hide a little there, these dresses may not be the wisest choice. In any event, if you have to have one, consider purchasing flattering undergarments to help you look your best.

Look Six: So it seems that towards the end of the party crashing, some horizontal stripes and a layered skirt are pulled out. Honestly, these are two things that when paired together can make you look a little chunkier than usual. What saves this look is a waist cinching belt. What would make it even hotter? An interesting pattern on the belt, such as the houndstooth one seen above.

So, to fashionably party crash, be vintage, bold, and mix colors and patterns. Just don’t grow large flowers from the side of your head.


To be or not to be?

Ah, yes. Bras. They are so amazing. They fit well all the time. They’re so pretty. They make you grow wings and guide you down the best of runways. They also help you to develop a sexy pout with an accent that will make you the desire of men around the world.

Okay, let’s get real.  Wearing a bra is so annoying sometimes. The underwire can poke you. You may be buying the wrong sizes depending on the manufacturer. Other times, you may just feel restrained and uncomfortable.

Did you ever wake up one day and decide that putting on a bra would be a nuisance to your chosen wardrobe or that it was just plain unnecessary? I have had many a days like this, but I’d never acted upon the idea until recently and I have to say that once I did, I felt great. Of course, I took a few additional precautions, such as making sure my shirt was flattering, not too sheer, and that the weather would not make things more obvious than necessary. Then, off into the world I went. I went to the store. I went to work. I walked my dogs. All without a bra because the feminist within me is strong! Well, not really. Honestly, there was no deep reason for this action. I just wanted to be more comfortable, but it did get me to thinking. The question that I pondered over was this; Why did I feel so guilty about the idea of not wearing a bra in the first place? Here are the answers.

1. I thought it would be unflattering.

2. I thought it would be extremely obvious and all movement wherever I went would cease as people would stop, point, and giggle (slight exaggeration there, but you get the gist).

3. I thought it would come off as tacky. The kind of tacky that’s screaming for attention.

But, thankfully, none of these ideas proved true. So, if you want to go braless, there are only a few things what you should consider. Consider your cup size and support needs, Bra alternatives, (in the event that you are not ready to go all the way), and your current outfit. Then off you go, you sexy rebel you.

There have always been talks of bralessness being a feminist statement and if that’s your motivation, then may the force be with you. If sticking it to ‘the man,’ has nothing to do with your reasoning, you can still feel liberated by keeping it fashionable and comfy. You may be surprised how much of a big deal people don’t make out of it – unless you start shimmying for no good reason.

Want to get more in-depth about the psychology of bra wearing? Here is a great link. 

The Best Blogs For Fashion Lovers

Get Your Daily Fashion Fix Online

Along with that monthly subscription to your favorite fashion mag, you can get your dose of style daily online. There is a great list of links for all fashion lovers out there and it can be found here.

Being the shameless fashion addict that I am, I’ve actually taken the time to go through the list and I narrowed down something that someone else had already taken the time to compile and narrow down. Not the most admirable thing, I know, but here are my personal favorites.

1. A Cup Of Style



4. Stylelist

5. the Budget Fashionista

On a seperate note, I realized that The Gloss wasn’t listed. This is a great site, not only for fashion, but lifestyle and celebrity news as well. It’s also pretty humorous at times and is great for the modern woman. This one happens to be one of my primary addictions.

While I’ve listed these as the best, it’s always personal preference that matters most, so check out the full list to find your favorite.

A fashionable dissection of a music video

Gavin Degraw’s ‘Not Over You’

Feel how you want about the music. Feel how you want about the video. But let all us ladies come together to focus on the fashions.

Let’s begin with the off the shoulder sweater.

These things are super cozy and a great spin off from the usual winter sweater. Revolve Clothing has a really nice selection and you can also revamp old shirts and sweaters yourself. Check out a video or read a DIY tutorial for help.

Now, for the lace vest.

It’s very chic and leaves an eccentric yet classy and vintage appeal.

Next, we have this light denim sleeveless cropped jacket.

These are in abundance at many stores and they can work well with both winter and summertime wear.

Then, there are the shoes.

Maybe I was the last one to realize how cool oxfords and brogues are. They look awesome with jeans, shorts, leggings, and skirts and they add an extra flair to even the most basic of ensembles.

Moving on to the floral dresses, I have to add in my supremely personal injections and say that I had never been a fan of flowers on my dresses.  

That was until I bought a black dress with floral print. Maybe it‘s the dark color that makes it sexy and takes away some of the girlish charm of it that disturbs some of us. Also, different cuts and textures can make this style even more appealing.

Finally, we arrive at the leopard or cheetah print (depending on whichever you personally prefer).

These prints have always been a fashion staple and look great on jeggings, jeans, leggings, and pants. They also have a funky appeal when you pair them with a somewhat oversized tee.

Thus concludes the fashionable dissection of Gavin Degraw’s ‘Not Over You’. It began with a great song and ended with off the shoulder sweaters, lace vests, cropped denim jackets, brogues, floral dresses, and animal print bottoms.

Lighten your stress load

Natural ways to turn your frown upside down

College can provide some of the greatest times and memories of our lives but it can also be some of the most stressful. Maintaining friendships, romantic relationships, grades, and finances can leave anyone feeling tired and defeated. If you’ve fallen victim to the sad face because of these many demands, here are a few simple tips that may help.

1. Exercise – Exercising is not only good for your health and appearance. It is a great way to relieve anxieties. There are so many different forms of exercise that it’s almost impossible to not find one you like that will also work well with your schedule.

2. Speaking of schedules, some of those timing frustrations you have can be eliminated, or at least lessened, by investing in a planner. You can write down what needs to be done and set brackets of time to work on the tasks listed. Not only will this help to evenly distribute your time, it will also make you feel more accomplished and feeling more accomplished often leaves a person feeling much more pleasant.

3. Writing down more than your daily tasks can help you even more. Keep a journal and use it to write down how you feel. It’s a great personal way to vent. Also, it can lead you to discovering what is bothering you the most, allowing you the clarity to understand and correct the troubling issues.

4. If personal affirmations are not enough, talking to someone that you trust is among one of the best ways to feel better. Just be sure that the person you confide in isn’t a “Negative Nancy.” This can be a tricky one because Negative Nancy just may be your best friend or roommate, but understand that pairing misery with misery only leads to more miserable people and feelings and nothing gets solved. You know those overly optimistic people that make you roll your eyes at times? Well, you would be surprised how much better they might help you to feel when you are down.

5. Find positive distractions – Of course, this should not be done in excess because it could lead to neglect of other important responsibilities. Still, in times of feeling blue, treating yourself to something nice, listening to your favorite upbeat music, taking part in a hobby you enjoy, or watching something comical is a great way to boost your mood.

6. Remind yourself of the positives in your life – There are many ways to do this; some may do it by simply reflecting on past achievements. Others do it by visually creating  a “happy space” full of awards and the things that have led to successes in their lives. Either way, this approach can serve as a reminder of good times and give you the inspiration to create even more moments to be proud of.  

Opt to use all of these methods if just one doesn’t do the trick for you. Sure, you can worry, but you can also be happy.