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A fashionable dissection of a music video

Princella Talley

Gavin Degraw’s ‘Not Over You’

Feel how you want about the music. Feel how you want about the video. But let all us ladies come together to focus on the fashions.

Let’s begin with the off the shoulder sweater.

These things are super cozy and a great spin off from the usual winter sweater. Revolve Clothing has a really nice selection and you can also revamp old shirts and sweaters yourself. Check out a video or read a DIY tutorial for help.

Now, for the lace vest.

It’s very chic and leaves an eccentric yet classy and vintage appeal.

Next, we have this light denim sleeveless cropped jacket.

These are in abundance at many stores and they can work well with both winter and summertime wear.

Then, there are the shoes.

Maybe I was the last one to realize how cool oxfords and brogues are. They look awesome with jeans, shorts, leggings, and skirts and they add an extra flair to even the most basic of ensembles.

Moving on to the floral dresses, I have to add in my supremely personal injections and say that I had never been a fan of flowers on my dresses.  

That was until I bought a black dress with floral print. Maybe it‘s the dark color that makes it sexy and takes away some of the girlish charm of it that disturbs some of us. Also, different cuts and textures can make this style even more appealing.

Finally, we arrive at the leopard or cheetah print (depending on whichever you personally prefer).

These prints have always been a fashion staple and look great on jeggings, jeans, leggings, and pants. They also have a funky appeal when you pair them with a somewhat oversized tee.

Thus concludes the fashionable dissection of Gavin Degraw’s ‘Not Over You’. It began with a great song and ended with off the shoulder sweaters, lace vests, cropped denim jackets, brogues, floral dresses, and animal print bottoms.

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