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The Best Blogs For Fashion Lovers

Princella Talley

Nordstrom Fashion Week

Get Your Daily Fashion Fix Online

Along with that monthly subscription to your favorite fashion mag, you can get your dose of style daily online. There is a great list of links for all fashion lovers out there and it can be found here.

Being the shameless fashion addict that I am, I’ve actually taken the time to go through the list and I narrowed down something that someone else had already taken the time to compile and narrow down. Not the most admirable thing, I know, but here are my personal favorites.

1. A Cup Of Style



4. Stylelist

5. the Budget Fashionista

On a seperate note, I realized that The Gloss wasn’t listed. This is a great site, not only for fashion, but lifestyle and celebrity news as well. It’s also pretty humorous at times and is great for the modern woman. This one happens to be one of my primary addictions.

While I’ve listed these as the best, it’s always personal preference that matters most, so check out the full list to find your favorite.

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