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Danielle Olipra

Danielle Olipra is a DePaul University graduate with a degree in Creative Writing. In her free time she enjoys listening to music and comedy. Once she takes the world by storm with her pen, she plans to save the endangered species of the ocelot and record a soul album.

Two Runners Die During Philadelphia Marathon

Two men collapsed and died while competing in Philadelphia Marathon

On Sunday, organizers of the race confirmed that two runners died while competing in the marathon, reports CBS News.

A 21-year-old Asian male collapsed at the finish line, and a 40-year-old while male collapsed a quarter of a mile from the finish line.  Both competitors were taken to Hahnemann University Hospital, and were pronounced dead of apparent heart attacks.

Melanie Johnson, Philadelphia Marathon Race Weekend Executive Director, said “We are deeply saddened and our thoughts are with their families and friends.”  The identities of the two men have not been released.

According to fire officials, at least 10 other runners were rushed to the hospital, but their current conditions are unknown.

Sunday was the 18th annual Philadelphia Marathon.  While over 25,000 competed, 60,000 came to show support.

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta”

“Atlanta” housewives” call “Beverly Hills” cast skinny

If there wasn’t enough drama in each self-contained city of “Housewives”, the ladies have now ventured to make commentary outside their own social circles, reports buddytv.com.

In a group interview with the current issue of “Life & Style”, two of the “Atlanta” wives expressed their views of the thinly framed “Beverly Hills” ladies.

NeNe Leakes said, “”They’re tiny–I feel huge around them,” while Phaedra joked, “I’d love to give them a dozen biscuits with homemade jam and butter.” 

And while the “Beverly Hills” cast might be very slim overall, buddytv reminds us that none of the “Atlanta” girls are notably large.  Perhaps it’s just a matter of where the weight sits, since the “Beverly Hills” cast likes to “carry their weight in their top halves.”  And yes, that was a subtle reference to chests of questionable origin.

This inter-city “Housewives” commentary may be music to the ears of fans that feed off any juicy, catty comments.  But it’s hard to imagine that any of the “Beverly Hills” crew would be offended by a ‘too skinny’ accusation.

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Ethan Zohn Completes New York Marathon

“Survivor” winner runs marathon during cancer treatment

As the 37-year-old reality star ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday, his girlfriend of eight years, Jenna Morasca was showing her support while standing outside the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, reports People.  Zohn has spent a lot of time in the center himself undergoing treatment for his Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Zohn says the race was very stressful to him physically, but his mental strength carried him through.  “I knew with every step I was crushing little cancer cells on the road,” he reveals.  “I even wrote ‘f–k cancer’ on the bottom of my shoes. That’s what kept me going.”

The support from his loved ones also gave him the stamina to keep pushing himself.  When Zohn finished the race with a time of 4:20:46, Morasca was waiting for him at the finish line. “She was right there, by my side, as always,” he says.  “I gave her a big fat hug and a big sweaty kiss and it was worth every second of it.”

The New York City Marathon was the second marathon Zohn has completed.  His nest chemotherapy treatment is scheduled for Tuesday.

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Avril Lavigne Attacked At Hollywood Club

Avril Lavigne and boyfriend Brody Jenner both injured in brawl

A Saturday night out for singer Avril Lavigne and boyfriend Brody Jenner took a turn for the worse when the couple was attacked inside the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, reports MSNBC News.

Jenner had tweeted earlier that evening, “Having the best night with the love of my life @AvrilLavigne so happy right now!!”  Little did he know the two would soon receive such negative attention. 

Avril tweeted on Monday, “I got attacked by 5 people last night out of nowhere. Not cool.”  She also reported her injuries, “black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts.”

Jenner even received stitches at a local hospital, and tweeted late that evening, “Interesting Saturday night…. Just got of the hospital with a new scar on my face.”   He was later photographed with a large, bloody gash on his forehead, reportedly received from a smashed bottle after he attempted to break up a fight between Avril and another woman.

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Venezuela Crowned Miss World

Miss Venezuela wins crown over 100 other women

Ivian Sarcos, the 22-year-old representing Venezuela, was crowned Miss World on Sunday night, reports Fox News.

Sarcos wore a “frilly bright pink princess dress” during the ceremony.  She cried and crossed herself when she was announced the winner.

According to Sarcos’ bio on the pageant website, she currently works for a broadcasting company.  Her goals are to promote NGOs and work with children.  After losing her parents at the age of eight, she spent five years living in an orphanage run by nuns.  She said after being crowned she is excited to work with Beauty With A Purpose–the pageant’s charitable organization–to help “people like me”.

Julia Morely, Miss World’s chairman and chief executive told Fox News, “She’s a very real person, very sweet and very genuine and I think that we’re really lucky to have her.”

Sarcos’ win makes Venezuela’s number of Miss World titles over the years total six.  She beat out 100 other women to achieve the title.

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“Hell On Wheels” Series Premier

AMC attempts to revive the Western

AMC’s newest endeavor “Hell On Wheels” premiered Sunday night with a bang.  And a slice.  And a stab.  The Western drama, set post-civil war during the railroading of America, stars Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon, the show’s hero…kind of.

Bohannon shoots a man to his death in a church confessional during the opening scene, says Entertainment Weekly.  It is revealed later that he is obsessed with avenging the murder of his wife, but the character takes blurring the line of ‘bad guy’ and ‘good guy’ to a new level.  While seeking out his vengeance, Bohannon takes work as a foreman, overseeing construction of the transcontinental railroad.  Although before the closing of the episode he slits his boss’ throat, so he may have to seek new employment.

Tom Noonan appears as the eccentric—or creepy—preacher and Colm Meaney is convincing as the corrupt proprietor of the railroad.  Musician/actor Common plays Elam Ferguson, an emancipated slave who looks to be developing a strained friendship with Bohannon, based only on their mutual anger at the world.  Bohannon is badass enough for not only the west, but the entire span of the eventual railroad, and there will no doubt be a struggle for the title of baddest between himself and Ferguson.

A notable performance was also given by Dominique McElligott as Lily Bell, the wife of a mapmaker and sole survivor of an attack by Indians native to the territory being taken over by the railroad.  After failing to protect her husband’s life, she delivers a fatal stab to the throat of her husband’s murderer with his own arrow.  Female badass? Yes, please.

After many attempts by others to revive the Western genre, “Hell On Wheels” is brimming with enough blood, guts, and badasses to appeal to a modern audience.  Viewers will definitely return next week out of curiosity, but AMC will have to keep it up for a hit.

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Recently Resigned Penn State Officials Facing Charges

Penn State defensive coordinator charged with sexual abuse

Gary Shultz, Penn State’s vice president for finance and business, and athletic director Tim Curley, will face arraignment on Monday on charges they lied to a grand jury during the sexual abuse investigation against Jerry Sandusky, the university’s former defensive coordinator, CBS News reports.

Sandusky’s career at Penn State under coach Joe Paterno helped the university build their reputation at “Linebacker U”, and score the most wins in Division I history.  But for the past three years, Sandusky has been under investigation for sex crimes against young boys.  He currently faces 40 charges, ranging from inappropriate touching to statutory rape, but maintains his innocence.

According his indictment, the alleged incidents took place over the course of 15 years, both before and after his retirement in 1999, and several of the crimes took place in the Lasch Football Building on campus.  A graduate assistant reportedly witnessed Sandusky sodomizing a young boy in the shower in the spring of 2002. He testified that he told Paterno the next day, who contacted Curley and Schultz.  They met with the graduate assistant, but police were never contacted.

Both Curley and Schultz resigned on Sunday night but claim they are innocent.  Coach Paterno is currently considered a witness and is not under investigation.  Penn State has banned Sandusky from the campus. He is out on $100,000 bail.

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"Twilight" Scene Rated R

Original cut of honeymoon scene too racy for PG-13

Kristen Stewart has revealed that the original taping of an intimate scene in the upcoming “Breaking Dawn Part 1” received an R rating and was redone to be PG-13 friendly.  The star of the “Twilight” series plays Bella Swan, a human who marries the vampire Edward Cullen.  The controversial scene was part of the couple’s honeymoon.

The 21-year-old, featured on the cover of the December 2011 issue of Glamour, told the magazine, “It was so weird, it didn’t even feel like we were doing a ‘Twilight’ film.”  The series most popular with young teenagers as always been about young love, but never so racy as to be rated R. 

“I was like, ‘Bella! What are you doing? Wow! What is happening here?!’ It was very surreal,” Stewart continued, the details of the scene in contrast to Bella’s normal behavior.  After seeing how risqué the sex scene came out, it was re-cut to conform to a PG-13 rating.

The “Twilight” series is based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer.  The first three films have grossed more than 1.8 billion worldwide.

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Nick Cannon Agog Over Mariah’s Body

Nick Cannon “loves” Mariah Carey’s post-baby body

The Inquisitr cites a recent interview with “Us Weekly” during which Nick Cannon Gushed over his wife’s recent workout routine.  He says that Mariah’s decision to commit to a daily workout after having her kids is “the best thing ever.”

Mariah, who gave birth to Moroccan and Monroe six months ago, is already back down to her pre-baby weight.  Cannon shared that Mariah had been “aiming to look as she did in the 1990s.”

And Nick won’t be complaining.  At a recent award show he said his wife is “killing it” with her vigorous workout routines.  He continued to prove that he’s truly gaga for his wife’s va-va-voom. “You saw how good she looked on Friday’s 20/20 Special,” he said.

But Mariah’s awesome and seemingly ageless figure isn’t the only reason he’s a happy man.  In the 20/20 interview, he shared, “My family gives me everything. Unconditional love means the world to me. I mean it is a completion. It’s a beautiful place to be.”

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Hermain Cain Denies Sexual Harassment Claims

Republican candidate calls allegations “false” and “baseless”

On Monday, Herman Cain denied claims that he had sexually harassed two female employees in the 1990s when he was the head of a trade association in Washington, reports the LA Times.

Cain said, “I have never sexually harassed anyone. Anyone. And absolutely these are false accusations,” during an interview. 

According to the report that shed light on these claims, released by Politico on Sunday evening, two unidentified women signed agreements with the association that “included financial payouts and barred them from discussing their departures.”

Cain says that he was unaware of any settlement reached between the women and the association at the time. “I hope it wasn’t for much,” he said.

The candidate continued to deny that any of the information from the report is true and warned, “if more allegations come, I assure you people will simply make them up.”
At a forum he also participated in on Monday, Cain declined to answer more questions about the accusations, citing the forum’s rules.

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