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Arnold Palmer hospitalized over the weekend due to high blood pressure

Kara Menini

Arnold Palmer hospitalized over the weekend

Family and friends not worried about prognosis

Arnold Palmer had been keeping a close eye on his blood pressure last week, but he had to miss the last 15 minutes of his own tournament over the weekend because of a scare involving his blood pressure.

Arnold Palmer spent the night in the hospital as a precaution, so the 82-year-old could adjust to new medication under doctor’s supervision.  Palmer’s business director said of the incident, “It wasn’t anything to do with any ailments or any discomfort he felt. The blood pressure was at a level where the doctor involved suggested that he go immediately to get more intensive evaluation at the hospital.” The Arnold Palmer Invitational’s tournament Director, Scott Wellington, had spoken with the daughter of Arnold Palmer, Amy Saunders, and relayed, “He’s fine. He’s going through tests right now.” 

Because of his blood pressure, Arnold Palmer was absent from the 18th green at the Arnold Palmer Invitational where Tiger Woods ended his 30-month victory drought. This year is the seventh time Tiger Woods won the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

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