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Are music videos too sexualized?

Editorial Staff

Do you think that today’s videos need to be toned down?

It all started in the 60s with Rock and Roll legend Elvis Presley, whose concerts were censored on television because he was known for energetic hip shaking. Then came the king of pop, Michael Jackson, who would grab his crotch with a fierceness that would make any guy cringe.

Fast forward to 2010 and you see a woman in Kanye West’s video for “Flashing Lights” jiggle as she struts across a beach wearing a thong and little else, and ex-cheetah girl Kiely Williams doing a solo provocative dance in “Spectacular”, which consisted of enough shaking and butt-grabbing to make any old man happy.

Back in my day (yes, the 90s) you could only watch porn using a system called Pay Per View, but now porn, like a bad hooker, is easy to access and free of charge. If I wanted to watch porn back in my day, I would’ve had to take my mom’s credit card information praying she never checked her statement history, but now all kids have to do is change the channel to VH1 or MTV. Better yet just log on to Youtube.

Coming from someone who’s been watching rated R movies since I was seven, I don’t think that being exposed to these videos and images is bad in all cases. For me, all this lead to was an excessive overuse of the “that’s what she said” punch line, but not everyone is like me (and for the sake of mankind, I think this is a good thing).

I have a friend who was exposed to porn at a young age and he says that to this day he still can’t get those images out of his mind. It stays with you, and I bet that brain space could just as easily be filled with more useful things like deferential Calculus, kitty cats, and chocolate. Sex is on our minds every seven seconds, some sources say, and once the thing is in there deep, it’s really hard to get it out.

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