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Apple juice is safe, FDA assures consumers

Janelle Vreeland

Apple juice does not contain inorganic arsenic, FDA asserts

Apple juice is safe to drink, and the Food and Drug Administration wants everyone to know it.

The International Business Times reports that the FDA issued the statement about apple juice’s safety in response to a recent episode of the “Dr. Oz Show.” During the episode in question Dr. Mehmet Oz claimed that they had tested several popular brands of apple juice. “American apple juice is made from apple concentrate, 60 percent of which is imported from China,” Oz said. “Other countries may use pesticides that contain arsenic, a heavy metal known to cause cancer.”

The FDA responded quickly to clear up any confusion about the safety of apple juice, saying that there are two types of arsenic. The first, organic arsenic, is common and can be found in food and water and can be ingested and passed through the body without causing harm. The second type, inorganic arsenic, is the kind found in pesticides. It is organic arsenic which can be found in apple juice, not the harmful variety with Dr. Oz claimed.

The FDA also ran tests on the same brands of apple juice that Dr. Oz tested and found significantly lower levels than he reported finding.

You can read more about the FDA’s findings on apple juice here.

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