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Andrej Pejic: Crossing Gender Boundaries

Kara Menini

Andrej Pejic turns men's and women's heads

Androgynous model makes headway in the fashion world

Andrej Pejic (pronounced André), the new big ‘thing’ in fashion, stands at six feet one inch, has long blond hair, high cheek bones and wears a woman’s size two.  But, what really sets fashions’ newest “it girl” apart is that Andrej Pejic is a man.  Although this gender-bending model is not a transgender and does not comment on his sexual orientation, one thing is clear- his androgyny has made him a hot commodity for designers who can use him in both their men’s and women’s shows.

Currently, Andrej Pejic is at this years’ New York Fashion Week; though, it is not clear whether he will be walking in men’s shows, women’s shows, both or simply sitting in as a spectator. 

In just a few short years, the 20-year-old Australian model went from working at McDonalds to wearing the coveted piece, a couture bride’s dress by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier in his spring show last year.

2011 was a big year for Andrej Pejic; he was the face for Marc Jacob’s fashion line. He was on the cover of 14 magazines and was even featured in a Dutch pushup bra ad campaign.  Experts, however, are afraid that Andrej Pejic is starting to become overexposed and thus become undesirable to fashion designers. The logic being that Pejic himself would overshadow the clothes he that he is trying to showcase. 

Pejic is well aware of the, “fickle nature of the fashion business,” according to ABC, and he already has a backup plan to attend a university in Australia if his career in fashion ends too quickly.

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